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Tomato Watering System

As you probably know, many plants have very deep root systems. While there are plants with shallow roots or roots spreading horizontally near the soil surface, most plants grow their roots deep in the ground. This secures the plant and makes it established. However, it also makes watering more difficult, because it's not always easy to reach the deep roots using traditional watering methods.

This can be particularly problematic in vegetable gardening. Tomatoes seem to be difficult to water, especially since they do require a constant water intake to grow. It's not always easy to get the water to go down to the depth of 12-18 inches to reach the whole root system. Not to mention that you'll need a lot of water for that. However, using lots of water can prove to be unproductive, because the roots should never sit in water for too long. It can promote rotting of the root system, which can eventually kill the plant. So, what to do?

How to Water Tomatoes Easily

To overcome these problems, there are certain tips and tricks you can use. They will ensure that your tomatoes get all the water they need and that the water reaches their deep roots but without making the plants sit in water.

Another good thing about the following method is that it's completely safe and organic. It will help you grow those strong, healthy tomatoes you've always wanted to have in your garden. Just a bit of a change in the setup will allow the water to reach the deep roots, which will produce 6-10 foot tomato plants.

The first thing you need is a strong drainage pipe. A PVC pipe with 1/2" holes drilled into it seems to work the best. You will need a few yards of it. Cut the pipe into 18" pieces.

Tile your beds for tomatoes and carefully dig a hole with the post hole digger on the either side of where you wish to plant your tomato.

Place one 18" piece into the hole. Make sure to carefully fill the hole with dirt. Make sure not to put any dirt into the hole.

Finally, you can put a handmade tomato cage on either side of where you wan to plant your tomato. This sort of a cage can be built easily with a wire fencing. The best height of a cage is 5 feet, but you might make some taller cages for your taller plants.

This method will ensure that all the water reaches your tomatoes and their root system. It's a great and inexpensive method of deep watering. It makes the water go deep, just where your tomatoes need it the most! It will produce stronger, bigger and healthier plants, with huge, tasty fruit.

Photo credit: Rex Hammock

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