Abelia Quick Facts


Abelia is a very popular gardening flower among many homes. Gardeners love to plant them around their porch simply because it is an evergreen plant and easy to take care of.

Abelia Quick Facts

Growth Habits: Shrub

Height: 1 meter to 6 meters

Width: 1 meter to 6 meters

Origin: East Asia (Japan West to Himalayas) and Mexico

Exposure: Sun

Water: Moderate

Features: Evergreen and deciduous

Abelia usually grows into a shrub that is rounded and dense. Its dark green leaves together with its tubular flowers make it stand out among the rest of the flowers in a garden. Most of the time, the flowers will be purple in color but this may vary according to different species of abelias out there.

Garden Setting

If you have a moderately large garden, you may want to considerga planting abelias as border setters or space dividers. As the plant doesn't grow tall, some gardeners will also have it in their garden as ground covers.

Another reason why gardeners love abelias is because of its ability to attract honeybees, hummingbirds and butterflies. They love the plant because of its tubular flowers. These creatures are definitely welcomed in a lively and vibrant garden.

Gardening Tips for Abelia

Abelias love the sun and try to expose the it to the sunlight as often as possible. For regions that experience cold winter season, do take the necessary measures to protect the plant from icy cold winds. One of the solutions will be to get a greenhouse for your garden.

Apart from the sunlight, do make sure that the soil is well-drained and try not to use your shears too much on the plant as it will grow to become more open and arching.

Some gardeners prefer to plant abelias in flower pots. To do that, you must go for a slightly larger pot. A small pot is not advisable as the open and arching branches of the plant might cause minor difficulties should you decide to move the pot around your garden.

Photo credit: Tetsuya Odaka

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