Popular Adenium (Desert Rose) Varieties

Adenium Desert Rose

The Adenium plant is also known as the Desert Rose. This is a gorgeous flowering plant that is growing in popularity as a potted plant in homes all around the world. This is a great choice for those looking for a fresh, new plant to grow. Desert Rose will sure enhance the atmosphere of your home and make it more colorful.

The Most Popular Adenium Desert Rose Varieties

The Adenium is a gorgeous plant that comes in several popular varieties. The Desert Rose is just the most popular name of this houseplant. If you wish to grow something new in your home it is useful to get to know all of the most popular varieties of the Adenium that you can grow as potted plants. However, you may also grow these plants in the garden so keep this in mind ig you want to have Adenium plants in your home.

Regardless of the method of growing (outdoors or as a potted plant) it is important to be informed about the most popular varieties of the Adenium plants.

The most popular variety of the Adenium plants is Adenium obesum. This variety has bright pink flowers. It also has a very unusual and striking swollen base that makes a striking addition to any home.

Another amazing variety you can plant in a container is Adenium Hot Pink. This is a special hybrid known for vigorous growth. It is free branching and grows much faster than regular Adenium varieties.

Adenium Hot Pink is very bright colored. It is almost red so it truly make a difference in your home or garden. This is a perfect way to add some vibrant color to your house and garden.

Another reason why Adenium Hot Pink is so popular is the expected look of the mature plant. When you want to grow regular Adenium obesom, you start it from seed. It means that there is a big question on how the adult plant will look like.

You don't have that problem with Adenium Hot Pink. This variety is grown from special, virus-free stock. It produces cuttings that are carefully tested so the end plant has a characteristic looks and features. It means that Hot Pink plants are hybrids that guarantee not just vigorous growth but also consistency.

Photo credit: Geoff Whalan

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