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Many people admire black flowers and would love to grow flowering plants with this flower color. The first thing that's important to understand is that these black flowers are not truly black - they are usually very dark red in color. Still, they look very striking so it's not surprising many people wish to grow them in their garden or home.

A great thing about these flowers is that they are not just beautiful and unique, but they also open numerous design options. For example, you may use these dark flowers for cooling down hot colors, such as hot-orange Mexican sunflower or red "Lucifer" crocosmia. There are numerous opportunities you can use if you wish to design with black flowers.

To get these flowers, however, you need to grow the plants in your garden or home. Here is a handy list of the most popular choices. All of these plants will give dark, almost black flowers.

Bearded Iris (Iris "Superstition")

This is a beautiful perennial with purple-black flowers. It can grow about 30 to 36 inches in width. It blooms in late spring. This plant is easy to grow. It's best to be kept in the full sun and in a well-drained soil.

Black Iris

Black Iris (Iris chrysographes). It is a bit smaller than Bearded iris (it can grow up to 24 inches in height). This plant has a hardy bulb with velvety, ebony-black flowers. It blooms in June. It is also known for its swordlike green foliage. It can tolerate full sun or partial shade.

Black/Chocolate Cosmos

Black/chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) can grow up to 30 inches in height. This perennial has velvety maroon-black flowers. It blooms in midsummer to autumn. The flowers are actually lightly chocolate scented. This plant requires full sun and well-drained soil.


Clematis (Clematis "Romantika") is a beautiful vine. It can grow up to 8-10 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width. It's in the pruning group 3. It has big, purple-black flowers. This plant blooms in midsummer. It can thrive in sun to partial shade.


Dahlia ("Arabian Night") can grow up to 36 inches in height. This is a tender tuber. You should dig it and store for winter months in the cold climates. This plant gives dinner plate blooms that are maroon-black in color. The plant demands full sun and well-drained soil.


Daylily (Hemerocallis "Starling") is a beautiful perennial with flowers in velvety deep-chocolate color, as well and mahagony-black blend with a golden throat. It can grow about 26 to 30 inches in height. The flowers are about 6 inches wide. The plant blooms in June and July. It requires full sun and well-drained soil.


Fritillaria (Fritillaria persica) is a bulbous perennial with tall stems. It can grow 3 to 6 feet in height. It has burgundy-black flowers. It blooms in spring and requires sun to partial shade to thrive.


Geranium (Geranium phaeum, "Samobor") is a beautiful perennial which can grow about 14 to 16 inches in height. It blooms in May and June. It has maroon-black flowers. Its leaves are marked with brown blotch.


Nemophila (Nemophila menziesii, "Pennie Black") can grow about 12 inches in height. This annual plant has five-petaled purple-black flowers with a scalloped edge of white. It's best started by sowing seeds directly into the soil in early spring. This plant requires full sun to partial shade.

Pincushion Flower

Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa atropurpurea, "Ace od Spades") can grow up to 24-36 inches in height. This annual plant has pincushion-like black flowers. To start it, sow its seeds directly in the soil early in spring. The plant flowers in summer. It needs full sun to thrive. This plant is excellent for cut flowers.

Purple Gooseneck Loosestrife

Purple Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysimachia atropurpurea) can grow up to 18 inches in height. This perennial plant has spikes of red-black flowers. It blooms in mid to late summer. It requires full sun to partial shade and moist soil. It can also be grown in containers.

Sweet William

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus nigrescens, "Sooty") is a perennial with maroon-chocolate flowers on red stems. It can grow up to 15 inches in height. It has fragrant blooms early in summer. The plant requires full sun to partial shade and a well-drained soil.

Whipple's Beardtongue

Whipple's Beardtongue (Penstemon whippleanus) is a perennial with clusters of black flowers. The plant can grow up to 2 feet in height. The blooms open in late July to early August. This plant requires full sun and well-drained, slightly alkaline soil.

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