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California is complex when it comes to climate. In order to make a successful garden with healthy and thriving plants, it is important to know your specific USDA hardiness zone that is present in your local area.

One thing to remember about California is that it generally covers a very wide range of temperatures. The state includes many different USDA hardiness zones. This is why it's important to find the exact planting zone that is true for your area.

On the map of California planting zones, find the area where you live and match that color to the map legend to identify your USDA hardiness zone. Keep in mind that hardiness zones change due to climate change, so it is important to always use the latest and most relevant USDA hardiness zone maps.

Knowing the exact hardiness zones for your garden is important because this is the only way to choose plants you can grow successfully. Flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees and other plants will thrive only in specific hardiness zones, so you need to make sure that they can grow in your garden.

Once you know your specific California hardiness zone, it is not difficult to find plants that will thrive in your area. This information can be easily found in nurseries and as part of basic info about a plant. Keep in mind that you can grow any plant in your zone or a bit warmer inside of your garden. However, if you want to grow a plant that is in a hardiness zone that is colder than yours, you will need to provide extra protection to your plants or bring them inside during the winter.


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