Container Gardening

Vegetable Seedlings
Container Gardening

Vegetable Container Gardening Tips

In case you don’t have much space and you want to grow your own veggies, the most effective solution is to simply grow it in containers. Those 5 gallon buckets make excellent containers to grow your vegetables to a great…

Impatiens as Potted Plants
Container Gardening

Growing Impatiens as Potted Plants

Impatiens are gorgeous plants that can make a difference in any garden. These are shade-loving plants so they are ideal for all those shaded corners in a garden, as well as places under the trees or around rocks. Impatiens add…

Container Gardening

How to Grow Agaves in Containers

Agaves are excellent container plants since they don’t require much space. They came in many different sizes so it’s up to individual plant growers to decide which ones suit their needs and preferences best. Agaves handle being root bound surprisingly…