How to Make a Potting Mix

Making your own potting mix can save you a lot of time and money. Not to mention you will be able to provide your plants with a god mixture ideal for their needs. Also, making your own potting mix ensures…

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Small DIY Garden Projects

Many people love garden decorations and would love for their garden to look stunning. Unfortunately, most of these design items are very expensive. Even if you’re crafty and wish to make decorations yourself, large garden projects will take a lot…

Tomato Cages

Homemade Cages for Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the most popular plants with home gardeners. They are easy to grow and they produce tasty fruit many people love to eat. There are many different ways to grow tomatoes, and every gardener has a different system….

Raised Bed Garden

How to Make a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardens are among the most popular types of gardens. They are practical and you can use them to grow many different types of plants (including vegetables). Raised beds are particularly great for those who only have a limited…

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How to Build a Hanging Herb Garden

Those who like to grow herbs know how tricky it can be to organize an herb garden. On one hand, herbs can be easily grown almost anywhere, even on your kitchen window. On the other, it does take some organization…

Homemade Drip Irrigation

A Quick Homemade Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation bring numerous advantages. The most important of all, it allows the moisture to be delivered straight to the roots, where the plants need it the most. This is much better than the traditional overhead watering, which doesn’t always…

Worm Tower

Making a Worm Tower

Many people choose to use worms to help in composting. Worms are very efficient and can help a lot, so it’s not surprising many gardeners choose to “employ” them to do some composting. However, as effective as they are, worms…

Soil Blocks

Making Your Own Potting Mix Starter Blocks

Many people love to start their own seeds, often using the ones saved from the previous season. This is a good alternative to buying small plants already growing at the garden centers. Starting your plants from seeds can be fun,…


How to Build a Simple Greenhouse

A greenhouse in the garden is a great way to get a head start of the growing season. This is particularly helpful if you live in such a climate area where getting some additional weeks and months is very helpful…

Raised Bed Trellis

How to Build a Garden Trellis

Trellises are very helpful in the garden. It’s a proven fact that a trellis can greatly increase productivity of a raised garden bed. A trellis allows all of the vining garden crops to spread, which means they can get more…

Water Garden

How to Make a Barrel Water-Garden

Any garden, deck, patio or a terrace will look more beautiful with a small water garden. You don’t need much money or special equipment to make one in your home. In fact, it’s possible to make a beautiful mini water…


Building a Square Foot Garden II

Once you have your box ready, it’s time to add the soil. There is a great way to make a good potting mix that will benefit your plants: all you need to do is to add the right ingredients. Generally…