Trees You Should Not Grow in Your Garden III

Some trees have hungry and thirsty roots that can endanger any other plant that grows nearby. These trees will take all of the nutrients so there is nothing left for other plants. Other trees come with their specific problems, such as being over-sensitive to temperature changes or having toxins that can endanger other plants. For the

Trees You Should Not Grow in Your Garden II  

Here are some additional problems you may encounter with your garden trees. Keep in mind that some trees are very fragile and wear so they can break in the wind. This can pose a danger to your house and other structures nearby. It is important to know which trees to avoid if you want to prevent this problem from happening. Fragile Trees There are some trees

Trees You Should Not Grow in Your Garden I

There are many people who want to grow trees in their garden or a backyard. This is generally a great idea, particularly for those who have large gardens. However, not all trees are good candidates for gardens and backyards. There are numerous problems that can make a tree a bad choice for a

How to Care for Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly bamboo is a beautiful plant you can grow in your garden or inside of your home. This is a gorgeous bush known for its beautiful foliage, tender flowers and striking berries. It can provide so much color in your garden, even during the winter. If you wish to grow a Heavenly bamboo it is important to know what to provide to your plant so it can grow

How to Grow Heavenly Bamboo in the Garden

Heavenly bamboo is a gorgeous garden shrub that can add a lot of beauty to your garden. This plant grows wonderfully throughout the West Coast and beyond. It is a popular shrub you can grow in your garden without much trouble. Basic Plant Information Heavenly bamboo is a beautiful shrub that many people choose to grow

How to Grow Wax Begonias  

Wax begonias are gorgeous plants that you can grow in your garden or your home. The best thing about these gorgeous plants is that you can easily start them directly from seeds. It is a great method because it gives you a lot of freedom. It also allows you to start

Growing Wax Begonias from Seed

One of the greatest things about gardening is starting new plants directly from seed. While it is not possible to do it with all the plants, there are many of those that can be successfully started from seed. There is nothing like a feeling of success when you see the seed sprouting and new plants emerging from the ground. Starting Plants from Seed A particularly great feeling

How to Grow Clerodendrum Plants

Clerodendrum is a beautiful group of plants that are gaining more and more popularity in the past several years. These are particularly popular in the spring markets so you might wish to grow them. Keep in mind that these plants are also known as Clerodendron so you will find information about both of these. If you seek info about these plants make sure to search under both names to

Pruning and Propagation of Fuchsias

In order to properly care for your Fuchsia plants, you need to know when to prune them. Pruning is extremely important for shrubs, including Fuchsias. Another vital thing you need to know is how to propagate your Fuchsia plants. These two tasks are important for both the outdoor and indoor Fuchsias. It is vital to know how to do pruning