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Jasmine Propagation
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Jasmine Flower Propagation

If you like Jasmine plants, you might wish to propagate them. This is the best way to get more of these plants for your home, or you may offer them as gifts for your friends and family. A great advantage…

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Common Orchid Care Mistakes

Phalaenopsis orchids are among the most beautiful flowering plants you can grow in your home, and they require only minimal care. This is why they are suitable even for less experienced gardeners who wish to grow orchids in their home…

Pink Calla Lily
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How to Make Your Calla Lily Bloom

Calla Lily has gorgeous flowers. Also known as Trumpet Lilies or Lily of the Nile, this is a gorgeous plant with waxy-white flowers. The flowers are known to gently curl and twist so they have a characteristic shape with a…

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How to Divide Daylilies

Daylilies are beautiful, gentle and will bring color to any home or garden. Daylilies are members of the genus Hemerocallis and they are known for their brightly colored flowers. They flower in mid to late summer. As their name says,…

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Propagating Roses Using Cuttings

Roses are beautiful so it’s not surprising you may want to grow them in your garden. To have strong and beautiful roses, it’s important to keep them healthy and to take a good care of them. One of the essential…

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The Importance of Lime

Many gardeners wish to use lime to enhance their garden soil, but are unsure on how to do it. There is also a common misconception about what lime actually does and whether it’s a soil amendment or soil conditioner. Some…

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Starting Perennials from Seed I

Many gardeners wish to start their perennials from seeds, but it seems too complicated. Contrary to the popular belief, however, it doesn’t take special skill nor equipment. Actually, starting plants from seed is very easy. Starting from seed offers numerous…

Hibiscus Flower
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Hibiscus Growing Tips

Hibiscus is a beautiful plant many people love to have in their garden. This bush is gorgeous so it can truly make any garden more attractive. If you wish to grow hibiscus, it is important to know a few basic…

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How to Plant and Grow Pansies

Pansies are a great addition to your garden, especially in winter. They can brighten any cold winter day. However, you must know when to plant them and how to care of them during winter. As a general rule, pansies are…

Jasmine Blooming
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Jasmine Flowers Not Blooming

One of the main reasons to grow Jasmine plants in your home are their beautiful flowers. It is always disconcerting when your Jasmine doesn’t bloom. This can happen for those plants that are growing in the garden, or those that…