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Moth Orchid
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How to Care for a Moth Orchid

Moth orchids are known as difficult plants to grow indoors. The truth is that they are not so complicated but they do require some dedication. They can be easy to grow as long as you follow some guidelines on how…

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Great Plants You can Grow in Shade

Gardening often means planting your chosen plants in areas with plenty of sun. Sunny spots are ideal for a wide number of plants. Some plants require bright sun from morning into the evening, while the others grow better if the…

Marimo Balls
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Caring for Marimo Balls

Marimo balls are unique algae that work great as house plants. Due to their unusual shape and appearance, Marimo moss balls may seem artificial but they are completely natural. They are found only in selected lakes around the globe, in…

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15 Reasons to Grow Garlic

Garlic is a plant many people choose to grow in their garden. It’s not so difficult to grow, and it doesn’t require a huge amount of care. Garlic is a great plant with many different health and household uses beyond…

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6 Winter Bulbs You Can Grow Easily

It’s always great to add some color to your home during winter months. To make your house beautifully decorated, plant some colorful winter bulbs. They can be grown in pots very successfully and they produce rich, beautiful flowers. Some of…

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Want to Grow Plants with Black Flowers?

Many people admire black flowers and would love to grow flowering plants with this flower color. The first thing that’s important to understand is that these black flowers are not truly black – they are usually very dark red in…

Jade Plant
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Caring for Jade Plant

Jade plants are gorgeous and make perfect house plants. A good thing about them is that they are easy to care for so they don’t require you to be an experienced gardener. These succulents come in many different variations so…

Jade Plant Cuttings
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How to Propagate Jade Plants

Jade plants are great house plants you can grow without much trouble. While they do require some specific care most people can easily learn how to grow them. A great thing about Jade plant succulents is that they don’t require…