Gardening Basics

Peat Moss
Gardening Basics

Differences between Peat Moss and Compost

Peat Moss and compost are sometimes seen as the same thing, but there are some notable differences. If you want to use one or the other in your garden, it is important to know about these differences. This is the…

Gardening Basics

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

There are many different ways to grow plants. One of the most effective methods is to use a greenhouse. However, not everybody has enough space or money to invest into a huge, commercial greenhouse. Luckily, you can make a small…

Best Seedlings
Gardening Basics

How to Choose the Best Seedlings

Many gardeners want to start numerous plants in the spring, but it’s often difficult to tell a good seedling from a bad one. Rushing to buy plants to grow is never the best option because you need to know how…

Gardening Basics

How to Make Compost I

Compost is a mixture of soil, sand and humus-forming material. When you mix it, it is allowed to decompose for a certain period of time. In the process, weed seeds are destroyed and the number of friendly bacteria found in…

Organic Soil Mix
Gardening Basics

Understanding Soil Types

Soil is very important for plants. It is the lifeline to supply plants with water and nutrients and it also gives plants an anchor to support themselves and to grow their roots. In order to choose the best soil for…

Hose watering
Gardening Basics

How to Water Your Plants

Watering your plants is very important because it ensures their survival. However, it’s very important to know how to water – improper watering techniques can do more harm than good. In some cases, improper watering can damage or even kill…

Peat Moss Soil Amendment
Gardening Basics

Using Peat Moss in Your Garden

People who wish to work with peat moss wonder how to use it in the garden. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that all depends on the reason you wish to use peat moss in the…

Gardening Basics

The Most Common Poisonous Plants

When choosing plants to grow in our home or garden, too many times we focus on aesthetics. We tend to choose plants we find beautiful, with rich foliage and colorful flowers. When we buy plants or choose which ones to…

Daphne bush
Gardening Basics

How to Root Clippings

There are many ways to learn how to start and grow your plants. Some are more suitable for beginners who wish to learn principles of good gardening. One of the best ways to learn how to grow your own plants…

Gardening Basics

What is Air Layering?

Air layering is one of the oldest methods of propagating plants. It’s certainly not the fastest one, but it brings certain advantages. Above all, it allows you to start with a much larger plant. The best plants for air layering…

Gardening Basics

How to Avoid Common Repotting Problems

Repotting houseplants may seem like a simple task, but there is always a risk that your plants may not do well after repotting. What you need to understand is that repotting should not be done randomly or too frequently. There…