Gardening Basics

Gardening Basics

Beneficial Animals and Organisms

Another strategy to combat pests is to encourage beneficial organisms, insects and other animals in your garden. A healthy garden depends on a strong, interconnected ecological system. In such a system, everything is in order, from sun and water to…

Winterized Balcony Garden
Gardening Basics

How to Winterize Your Garden

Winterizing your garden before the cold months is an essential step you should make for your plants. A proper winterizing procedure is important because it can help plants successfully handle cold winter days and long nights. Also, winterizing will make…

Starting Seedlings
Gardening Basics

Seed Starting Tips

Starting your plants from seed is not always easy. You need to know how to plant the seeds and care for the new seedlings. Not to mention you should also know how to transplant your seedlings, plant and grow the…

Gardening Basics

Homemade Heating System for Seedlings

Consistent, even soil temperature is vital for the wellbeing of your seeds and seedlings. Good temperature is important for more reasons than simply getting a jumpstart on the season in the early spring. It can improve the condition of your…

Seedlings Common Chickweed
Gardening Basics

Common Seedling Problems

Many people choose to start seeds indoors. There are many advantages to this method. However, there are also some common problems you might encounter. It’s important for all beginner gardeners to know about these potential disadvantages before they try to…

Lasagna Garden
Gardening Basics

Complete Step by Step Guide for Lasagna Gardening

In this gardening tips article, you can going to learn the complete steps of one simple and flexible organic gardening method called lasagna gardening. You will be free from the fuss of tilling, sod removal and digging with lasagna gardening….

Gardening Basics

How to Remedy Soil and Weed Problem I

Weeds and soil fertility can tell you a lot about your garden, and it’s important to listen! One of the best ways to improve your gardening and to be able to grow strong, healthy plants is to pay attention to…

Gardening Basics

Best Ways to Fight Droughts

Droughts can be a huge problem with gardening. It’s often difficult to water your plants properly if there is no rain. Luckily, there are some methods you can use to avoid droughts. They are very useful for preventing your beautiful…

Gardening Basics

Quick Gardening Tips

There are many ways to save money in the garden, as long as you know tips and tricks. Gardening can be very rewarding, but it’s also expensive, so it’s always good to know when to save a bit. Also, these…

USDA California planting zones
Gardening Basics

California Planting Zones

California is complex when it comes to climate. In order to make a successful garden with healthy and thriving plants, it is important to know your specific USDA hardiness zone that is present in your local area. One thing to…

Attracting Pollinators
Gardening Basics

How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden

Attracting beneficial bugs and other insects to your garden is an essential part of growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. In order to make your garden successful, you need to attract beneficial insects. These insects are responsible for pollinating the flowers…

Mulching Fallen Leaves
Gardening Basics

Tips for Mulching of Leaves

Mulching of leaves can be a daunting task but it needs to be done in order to keep your lawn and garden protected and clean. It’s particularly important to do this in autumn. It’s best to mulch the leaves with…