How to Organize Garden Tools and Supplies

Tools are essential for successful gardening and chances are that you will use them for your day to day gardening needs. There are many useful tools you will need in your garden, so it’s important to have them ready whenever you need them. Since tools are so essential for gardening, it’s important to store them in a way

Tools & Gardening Essentials

Many gardeners struggle with space they have for their tools and other gardening equipment. Even if you have a large back yard, yawn or a garden, you may still have only a very small space to keep your equipment needed for gardening. While some people have large sheds, this

How to use Soil Heating Cables

In order to speed up propagation of your favorite plant or to grow some “hothouse” plants in a “cool” greenhouse, you need to have a heated soil. Some other things you can achieve with heated soil is to accelerate growth

Making a Basic Pallet Garden

Pallets are a great addition for your garden. They are suitable for many different projects you may use. Their main advantage is that they are very cheap (free in most cases) so they can save you a lot of money. You can even make a

How to Build a Removable Raised Bed Gate

Raised beds are great for your garden because they provide some protection from pests. These beds are too tall for small animals to climb, so they can’t reach your precious vegetables and other plants. However, larger animals can still reach them. This is why

A Quick Homemade Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation bring numerous advantages. The most important of all, it allows the moisture to be delivered straight to the roots, where the plants need it the most. This is much better than the traditional overhead watering, which doesn’t always transfer

Tips on Finding Cheap, Large Pots for Your Plants

All gardeners know the importance of quality pots. It’s not unusual to find yourself without an appropriate pot or a container. Not having pots of the right size is every gardener’s nightmare. It may sound logical to simply buy a new pot at a local garden store. However, it’s not that easy. These containers are often very expensive, especially when it comes to larger sizes. This is why

Making a Worm Tower

Many people choose to use worms to help in composting. Worms are very efficient and can help a lot, so it’s not surprising many gardeners choose to “employ” them to do some composting. However, as effective as they are, worms are living beings and they need some guidance. To get the best results and some targeted worm power, it’s important to set a specific location for the worms

How to Make a Garden Grow Box

With the warmer months approaching, you might want to think about growing some new plants in your garden. While gardening requires a lot of practice and experience, there are many