Learn how to grow your favorite herbs, there’s no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself in an herb garden.

Fresh Mint Leaves

Many Exciting Ways to Use Mint

Mint is a beautiful plant you can use in many different ways. It’s a popular herb that is easy to grow and you often end up with lots and lots of mind you don’t know what to do with. Once…

Herbs in Pots

How to Cut Herbs

Many people like to grow herbs to use them in their kitchen. There are many herbs you can successfully grow in your home. To make your herbs thrive and to use them in your kitchen it’s important to give them…


Best Herbs for Improving Memory

Do you like herb gardening? Did you know that some herbs are not just tasty but can also help you enhance memory? That’s right: you can get memory enhancing properties with herbs you grow in your home! Let’s face it:…

Posion Ivy

Homemade Poison Ivy Remedy

Poison Ivy can be very uncomfortable. If you’ve ever had it on your body you know how nasty it can get. Luckily, there are many DIY ways to remedy the situation and remove Poison Ivy from your body. The best…