Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Growing Plants in Small Terrariums

Terrariums are a popular choice in many homes. They have a long history, going back to the Ancient Greeks more than 2000 years ago. A relatively new way to use terrariums is invented by Nathaniel Ward in the 19th century….

Calla Lily Indoors
Indoor Gardening

Growing Calla Lily Indoors

Calla Lily is a gorgeous plant you can grow both outdoors and indoors. Do not be afraid to plant it in a container and keep it indoors: it is easier than it may seem. This is rhizome plant that is…

Croton Plant
Indoor Gardening

How to Care for Croton Plants Indoors

Croton plants are famous for their colorful foliage. The leaves come in many bright colors so they can add a lot of tropical flare to your garden. If you want to grow them indoors you will need to dedicate some…

Lettuce Indoors
Indoor Gardening

Growing Vegetables Indoors

Those who wish to grow vegetables indoors have a wide range of options. It’s even possible to grow some varieties in small pots and containers. All you need to do is to give them proper care throughout the whole year….

Indoor Gardening

How to Start Impatients Indoors

If you want to start Impatients during winter, here’s a good news: you can do it with a bit of skill and even with limited resources. The easiest way to do it is to take cuttings from a healthy and…

Growing Herbs Indoors
Indoor Gardening

Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Growing things and taking care of plants is very fulfilling. It’s even better if you grow something you can actually eat. Growing plants yourself is a great thing because you can watch things grow from nothing into rich or ready…

Indoor Gardening

8 Plants to Purify the Air Indoors

Plants can help clean the air indoors, so keeping them in your home can be very helpful. Plants are part of nature’s cleaning system so they can be used very effectively to clean air and make your home healthy and…

Houseplant Light Intensity
Indoor Gardening

The Best Light Intensity for Plants Indoors

If you wish to grow healthy plants indoors, it’s important to understand their basic needs. The most important elements you need to provide are water and adequate light. All of the other factors, such as the type of soil, container…