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Jade Plant Propagation
Plant Care

Growing Jade Plants: Additional Tips to Remember

Jade plant, also known as Money plant, is the most popular succulent. There are many people who grow this gorgeous plant in their home. Jade plant (Casssula ovata) is very easy to care for, so it’s ideal for beginner gardeners…

Hanging Pothos
Plant Care

Pothos Plant Watering: How to Aerate the Soil

Watering regime for your Pothos plant and other plants you keep in your home is very important. This is what can make your plants thrive. On the other hand, improper watering can lead to numerous problems with your Pothos plants…

Hoya Kerrii
Plant Care

Hoya Kerrii Care

Hoya kerrii, also known as the Sweetheart Plant, is one of the best houseplants you can grow in your home. It is becoming more and more popular these days, so you might want to grow it in your home. Unfortunately,…

Ajuga Flowers
Plant Care

How to Grow Ajuga Plants

Ajuga plants are small but very durable and tough. They make a fantastic groundcover for your garden. Another good thing about Ajuga plants is that they can control erosion on a hill or a bank. They always come in handy…

Black Elephant Ear Plant
Plant Care

Popular Varieties of Black Elephant Ears Plants

Black Elephant Ears Plants (Colocasias) are very striking tropical plants you can grow in your garden or as a potted plant in your home. Known for their giant, dark leaves, these plants can add some amazing tropical atmosphere to your…

Dracena Fragrans
Plant Care

Dracena Fragrans Care

Dracena fragrans, also known as Cron Plant, is typically grown as a foliage houseplant. However, it is also possible to grow it outdoors, as long as you live in a warm environment. Dracena fragrans can grow in US hardiness zones…

Monstera Plant
Plant Care

Repotting Monstera Plants

Monstera plant, this tropical philodendron, is a common houseplant found in many homes. The plant, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is gorgeous and it can be grown easily. This is good news for all beginners and those without…

Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana
Plant Care

Dracena Fragrans: The Most Popular Varieties

Dracena fragrans, better known as Corn Plant, is a beautiful plant that grows in many forms. Typically, it is grown as multiple plants of staggered heights, but this is not the only way to grow this beautiful plant. Corn Plant…

Dwarf Umbrella Plant
Plant Care

How to Trim Your Umbrella Plant

Once you have decided where to prune your umbrella plant and when you are sure that the plant is healthy, it is time to start trimming. This is surprisingly easy so even beginners can do it. It is also worth…

Amaryllis Flower
Plant Care

How to Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis is an excellent plant that can make winter days more colorful. Its bulbs come in many different colors: fiery red, white, candy stripes, even lavender. They can often be found at garden centers so you can purchase them to…

Christmas Cactus
Plant Care

How to Care for Your Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus (botanical name Schlumbergera bridgesi, formerly Zyyocactus truncatus) is known for its beauty. Originally from tropical Brazil, this plant produces lovely pink flowers. Many people wish to grow it in their homes. However, this plant is often considered…

Corn Plant
Plant Care

How to Grow Dracena Fragrans (Corn Plants)

If you want to grow Dracena fragrans, also known as Corn Plant, you need to know what kind of growing conditions it needs to thrive. A great thing about this plant is that it can be very hardy once it…