Chrysanthemum Care: Answers for Beginners

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White Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are among the most popular garden and houseplants. They bloom in the autumn and they are very recognizable. Here are some quick questions and answers for those who wish to grow Chrysanthemums.

One good thing about these plants is that they are not very needy, so they are good for beginners who wish to try gardening. At the same time, it is important to provide your plants with certain things that they need in order to grow strong and healthy.

Answers for Beginners

Here are some quick questions beginners ask about these plants and handy answers that will help you start out:

Q: Where do Chrysanthemums originate from?

A: Chrysanthemums are native to East Asia.

Q: Are there many varieties of Chrysanthemums?

A: Yes! There are many different types and varieties to choose from, based on size, color, time of bloom and other parameters. These plants belong to aster family and have about 50 species. Some varieties have tiny flowers while others have big, richly colored ones.

Q: What is the most popular variety?

A: A lot depends on what you need. There are different popular varieties for different needs and requirements. Generally speaking, the most popular variety of Chrysanthemums is Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum. This also includes the hardy varieties that are resistant or partly resistant to frost. These are good to be grown outdoors even in colder climates. The so-called "Florist's Mums" are good if you wish to grow your Chrysanthemums in pots.

Q: When do Chrysanthemums bloom?

A: They generally bloom in the fall. This happens because Chrysanthemums are short-day plants. Once the days become shorter in the autumn, there is a change in light. These plants react to this change by shifting away from vegetative growth to generative growth. This is when they start developing blooms.

Chrysanthemum Care Tips

There are some frequently asked questions about Chrysanthemum care conditions and what you need to provide to make them thrive.

Q: Are Chrysanthemums difficult to grow?

A: No, they are actually among the easiest plants you can have in your home, patio or garden.

Q: Where can you grow Chrysanthemums?

A: Almost anywhere! They can grow outside in the USDA zones from 3 to 11. As you can see, they can survive in many different climate conditions.

Q: Should you grow your Chrysanthemums outdoors?

A: If you wish so. You can grow them in your garden but you may also grow Chrysanthemums in pots. Some people keep them on the balcony or patio while others keep them inside.

Q: What kind of soil is best for Chrysanthemums?

A: Chrysanthemums are not picky but neutral soil seems to work well. You may also plant them in slightly acidic soil.

Q: How can you propagate Chrysanthemums?

A: There are several methods to propagate these plants. They can be propagated using seeds, cuttings and through division.

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