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Perhaps you admire your friends' beautiful gardens and would love to have one of your own. The trouble is, you live in an apartment and you don't have a garden. Does it mean you can't grow any plants?

It's important to know that even people in small apartments can enjoy houseplants and grow their own mini garden right in their home. The trick is to know what plants to grow and how to take care of them in the small space you have.

If you have a small apartment without a garden, know you are not alone. There are many people in the same situation, and they all face a similar problem when they wish to grow their plants. Lack of space and lack of garden may seem discouraging. Luckily, there is a way to grow plants in small apartments - you just need to know how.

Another thing you may need to consider is visual appeal. It sometimes seem impossible to create a visually stunning mini-garden in your home, but with a few useful tricks, you can transform your small apartment into a gorgeous place for plants.

Here are some useful tips that will help you grow beautiful plants in your small apartment:

Quick Tips for Small Apartments

  • Grow herbs. Herbs are among the best things to grow in home and they are ideal for small apartments. Not to mention it will save you some money and you will always have fresh, tasty herbs in your kitchen. It's also a great way to greet your visitors and give them some clippings of your own herbs to take home.
  • Grow a variety of plants. Just because you have a small apartment doesn't mean you have to stick to only one or two plant varieties. On the contrary: it's possible to grow many different plants in a small space. Take some clippings from your family and friends and start them in your home garden. A great variety of plants can make your mini garden look really colorful and impressive.
  • Choose nice pots. Chances are that you won't have much space for many plant, so make those you do grow matter. One way to do it is to choose beautiful pots. These should not only be quality-made (though that, too), but also stylish and interesting. Choose pots of many different shapes, sizes and colors. It will make the area look more stunning and it will emphasize your houseplants in the best possible way.
  • Consider a small fountain. This is always a good way to enhance your home. It will add a bit of curious ambient feel to your home. Keep in mind that a fountain doesn't have to be fancy nor big. The dimensions will depend on the size of the room or balcony. However, even a small, pot-sized fountain can truly make a difference!
  • Choose a theme. A small apartment is not enough to house many plants, so you should emphasize the ones you have in the best possible way. Choose a nice theme for your mini garden to make a stunning visual effect. Your chosen theme can be anything, and it doesn't have to be complex, but it will help you arrange things in more beautiful ways.
  • Add interesting items. There are many different interesting items you can add to your mini garden to emphasize its appearance. For example, use an old wooden frame and paint it with bright colors. Or an interesting bottle or an ornament you wish to add to your mini garden. Shells also look great. You may use almost anything - the only limit is your imagination!
  • Mini sculptures. Some of the most interesting objects you can use (see above) are mini statues and sculptures. Those small bunnies, frogs, gnomes, fairies and other figurines will look great in your mini garden. You can always move them around to create different scenes from time to time.
  • Use rocks. Rocks are among the most effective things you can use to emphasize your garden. If you live near a beach or a park you can collect many different rocks. You may use them in their original state or you may wish to color them to create unique mini garden decorations.
  • Invite birds. If you have a nice patio, it's a good idea to invite birds. Make sure to feed them regularly and they will come. You can make nice bird feeders from affordable materials and arrange them on your patios. Old plastic measuring cups are good for this purpose. Make sure to nail them to the fence so many birds can eat at the same time.
  • Use creative plant labels. Another good thing to do is to label your plants, but in a creative way. You can do this in many different ways to achieve effective results. For example, you can use rocks, sticks, plaques or other items. You may use sharpies to write on your chosen markers, just make sure they are fully waterproof if your plants are outside. Creative plant labels are a great way to emphasize your plants. They look great, can be done inexpensively and they don't take much space.

Photo credit: Jennifer Pack

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