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Greenhouse Gardening Pest Control

People who grow different sorts of plants and flowers will most likely have greenhouses in their garden. However, not all people know how to effectively use greenhouses, or for some people who know, there are still things left to learn. Here at Sunday Gardener, you will learn various important gardening tips and guides. Greenhouse gardening pest control is very important as this will ensure that your plants’ state of health is good. Read on below to learn about this topic.

In our last greenhouse gardening tips article, we discussed about the 10 Benefits of Greenhouse Gardening. In this article, we are going to look at greenhouse gardening pest control which is becoming a hot issue as most gardens around the world are getting into the winter season.

Greenhouses provide the warmth and humidity so that plants can have optimum growth. However, gardening problems like having garden pests in the greenhouse is very likely as well because they enjoy the conditions within the greenhouse. They often sneak into the greenhouse via holes and small gaps.

7 Tips for Greenhouse Gardening Pest Control

Without further ado, let us look at what are the 7 greenhouse gardening pest control measures that you can apply or implement as soon as possible so that the comfort bed of your plants will not be destroyed by these notorious creatures.

Frequent Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like any other gardening tools, your greenhouse requires cleaning and maintenance as well. Be sure to give dirty spots some scrubbing so that fungus and bacteria will not have a chance of breeding.

Apart from that, you must also schedule for an annual greenhouse cleaning (normally in the summer). For this, you need to transfer all the plants and equipments out. Clean the walls, corners, racks, secluded spots and floor using detergent and warm water so that insects, germs and bacteria will be killed.

Tending Greenhouse

Blanket Scan on Plants

Sorry for over-exaggerating the process but you need to make sure that your plants are free from pests infestation before you move them into your greenhouse because once in there, pests will breed at optimum speed.

If there are any stems or leaves that are damaged, remove them from the plants. You can also place your plants in water in order to drown these creatures.

Chill Pests To Death

When you face pests infestation problems that are very serious, you may want to put your greenhouse into chilling effect during the winter so that pests, including their eggs and larvae, will be frozen to death.

Most plants can live through the “short winter” that you put up so you should not be worrying about the bad effects that this will have on your plants.

Sterilize Your Gardening Materials

Again, this is not a hypocrite move if you really want to prevent any pests that our eyes cannot spot them directly. Sterilize your gardening tools using a basic water-detergent solution.

Also, instead of using normal garden soil that might contains eggs or small pests, you should use potting soil that are purchased from nurseries as they are sterilized and full of nutrients.

Daily Inspection

While working on your garden everyday, you must also look out for the signs of pests. If you spot the normal characteristics of a plant being infested, you should immediately remove the plant from the greenhouse and treat it separately.

You may want to segment out your greenhouse so that there is a space for you to treat infested plants. Most of the time, pests will release some kind of chemical substances to attract more of their species. Thus, moving your plants out of the greenhouse may not be the choice.

Greenhouse Plants

Mesh Screens to Stop Flying Pests

Another greenhouse gardening pest control measure will be to install mesh screens on all air ventilation facilities, if any. However, you must not seal out every air vent of your greenhouse.

Setting up mesh screens on all air vents can prevent flying pests such as roaches, hornets, moths and whiteflies from entering your greenhouse via the air vents.

Natural Biological Control

You can always combat pests by introducing their worst natural predator into your greenhouse habitat. You can always purchase ladybugs and praying mantis egg cases from nurseries or online stores to be placed within your greenhouse.

Here comes the question. What if there is no more pests and your natural helper starts to outgrow the number of pests? Well, they will die off due to the lack of food. They don’t feast on your plants due to hunger so don’t worry about that. 😉

Enjoy Your Greenhouse Gardening Pest Control Tips

There you go, the 7 Tips for Greenhouse Gardening Pest Control. Just like any other gardening methods such as vegetable gardening and Japanese gardening, handling gardening problems like pest infestation requires time and effort.

With this, we hope that you will enjoy greenhouse gardening more. If you are looking to learn more about greenhouse gardening beyond the tips here provided by the Sunday Gardener, check out the greenhouse gardening books that we personally recommend.