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How to Avoid Ticks


Lyme disease is a common problem many people face. Spending more time outdoors in the spring and summer increases the risk of this disease, so it’s important to know how to protect yourself.

There are about 40,000 cases of Lyme disease documented in the US every year. Some years are worse than the others, so it’s important to know how to minimize your risk. The deer tick is a common culprit for spreading the Lyme disease, so it’s vital to know how to protect yourself. This is particularly important for gardeners and other people who spend a lot of time out doors.

Here is a list of good strategies to follow to prevent Lyme disease:

Know Your Garden

It’s important to know which parts of your garden are the risky ones. Keep in mind that ticks are typically not out and about in the middle of the lawn. They prefer to live in the border wooded areas. They prefer shade and leaves with high humidity. They like wood because it provides shade and moisture ticks need.

Knowing this, identify the areas of your garden and yard most likely attached by ticks. Those are the risky areas. To minimize the risk, try to make changes to your year that will make it into unwelcoming environment for the ticks.


Check Your Garden for Ticks

To minimize the risk even further, make sure to perform periodic checks for ticks. Do it on yourself, your children and your pets. Carefully remove them from your clothes if you find them. If they happen to attack you, it’s important to seek medical help.

To make it easier to check your clothes for ticks, make sure to always wear light-colored clothing. It will make finding ticks much easier.

Protect Yourself

When you go outside, it’s important to protect yourself. This is something you need to do in your yard, but even more when you go on a walk, bike or hike. Always try to stay in the center of a trail. This will minimize your exposure.

One important thing to keep in mind: ticks can’t fly, they crawl up. This is why it’s important to avoid sitting directly on the ground or short wooden structures such as woodpiles and fallen logs. These are areas where ticks like to live, so stay away from those areas.

Choose Tick Repellent Clothing

Tick repellent clothing can help you minimize the risk. You can get them in special stores and they are often made to repel ticks as well as some other insects. This repellent is odorless and invisible, so it won’t harm you.

Photo credit: Furryscaly via photopin cc