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How to Fertilize a Tree I: Potential Problems

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Those who wish to grow trees in their gardens know that one of the most important things is fertilization. In order to make your tree grow strong and healthy, you need to fertilize it. However, not everybody knows how to fertilize a garden tree properly.

Common Problems with Tree Fertilization

The problem becomes even more complex when it comes to adequate application of fertilizer to benefit all the plants in the garden. For example, those who have a lawn as well as trees wonder how to spread the fertilizer to benefit both the grass and the trees. Sometimes, it seems that the common methods benefit either the grass or the trees at not both ones at the same time.

For example, one established wisdom argues for fertilizing under the entire canopy of the tree. Some people use a drop spreader to put the fertilizer under the canopy, but this is not the only method. Others prefer to use fertilizer tree spikes.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the fertilization method is that your tree is not the only plant in the yard that needs your attention. The lawn itself needs to be fertilized properly. It is important to apply any fertilizer in such a way that will not harm grass on your lawn.

For example, what to do with the grass that is under the shade of the tree? If you fertilize under the tree, the grass can take all the plant food from the soil and thus will leave the tree without the important substances it needs for growth.

On the other hand, the opposite can also be true: the tree itself might thrive and leave the grass without any nutrients. Such grass will struggle so you won’t be able to have a beautiful lawn under a tree.

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Important Factors to Consider

Before you choose the method for fertilizing your tree, there are some important factors to consider. It is always best to prevent further problems by simply choosing the right kind of grass to plant. If you choose wisely, the grass will be able to thrive along with the tree. This is why picking the right grass seed is important. Always seek the one that is compatible with the tree species and variety that you have in your garden. Most importantly, make sure to plant grass varieties that can survive under the shade. Not all grasses love shade so make sure to choose the ones that can survive under the tree’s canopy.

Another thing to keep in mind is timing. Your trees and grass need to be fed at regular intervals. It is important to provide your plants with enough food and nutrients that will make them thrive. Keep in mind that even the shade-loving grasses cannot survive under the tree canopy if there is not enough fertilizer.

The main idea behind proper fertilization of trees that will not harm the grass is simple: you need to give your tree enough food so its roots will not come up near surface to take nutrients away from the grass. If you follow this methods, you should be able to make both your trees and grass thrive.

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