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Simple Hand Balm

Gardening gloves are a very important tool. They will protect your hands and make you work safely. There are many materials in the garden that you don't want to touch, so wearing gloves is advisable.

However, gloves are not always practical. They don't allow you to hold things properly. Smaller items and tender plants are too gentle so you need to handle them with great care, which is not always possible with gloves.

As a result, you will be in a situation where you won't wear your garden gloves. It means that your hands will get very dirty, so you need to scrub them and wash them properly afterwards. This whole process can irritate the skin and damage your hands.

So, what to do? The solution is a nice hand cream. However, as a gardener, chances are that you want something light and organic. Also, as a gardener, you probably have all the skills needed for making an effective hand cream all by yourself.

A basic organic hand balm is surprisingly easy to make and it doesn't require much effort or expensive ingredients. You will need some pure coconut oil, lavender infused almond oil, beeswax, a bit of essential oil and vitamin E.

This hand balm will keep your hands smooth and perfect after doing all the dirty garden work. This recipe is easy to make and it will produce enough balm to last you for a year. It is a great alternative to commercial product and it's just as effective. This homemade hand balm gets the job done so you will never have to worry about damaging the skin on your hands again.


To make your homemade hand balm, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Coconut oil (4 tablespoons)
  • Grated beeswax (4 tablespoons)
  • Almond oil, preferably lavender infused (8 tablespoons)
  • Vitamin E oil (4 capsules)
  • Lavender essential oil (25 drops)
  • Tea tree oil (10 drops)
  • Spearmint oil (6 drops)


Here are the simple steps you need to follow to make your hand balm:

  • Use a glass measuring cup to mix all the ingredients, except the essential oils. Put the measuring cup inside a larger bowl. Pour some boiling water between the dishes. Stir the contents until everything melts together nicely. For the best results, replace the boiling water a few times (when it gets colder).
  • Remove the measuring cup from the hot water after the beeswax has melted completely.
  • Add the essential oils to the mixture.
  • Pour your hand cream into an air-tight container. Cool it to harden. You may also refrigerate the balm to speed up the process.

After the cream is hardened, you may use it whenever you need it. It is a great remedy against dry, rough, itchy or sunburned skin. You may also use this balm on your feet, especially the heels to keep them soft.

Photo credit: Sarah Gilbert

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