How to Make Tomatoes Ripe Faster Off Vine

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Harvesting tomatoes is not a difficult job, but there's one tricky thing. You need to know choose the right moment. It's best to pick a tomato ripe right of the vine, because this is when the taste is the best and tomato is the sweetest. Picking green tomatoes that are not ripe yet is just not the same.

The problem is, if you leave your tomatoes on the vine for too long, birds can find them before you had the chance to harvest them. This will ruin all of your hard work and all the effort you've put in tomato care. You don't want to lose your tasty tomato fruit to birds.

Speed Up the Ripening Process

It takes months of care and devotion to get that tasty tomato fruit. While tomato is pretty easy to grow, it doesn't mean you want to give all that tasty fruit to the birds. So, what to do?

The safest way to go is to simply harvest your tomatoes when they are not ripe yet. Birds are not interested in green tomatoes and tomatoes that aren't ready. The trouble is that these tomatoes aren't tasty and you want your ripe, red tomatoes to eat and enjoy.

So, the solution is to pick the tomatoes and allow them to ripen in your home. Unlike some other fruits and vegetables that stop ripening when harvested, tomatoes continue to ripe even when they are off vine. This is a safe and sound solution for your problem.

However, you don't want this process to last for too long. This is why you need something to make tomatoes ripe faster. The easiest way to speed up the ripening process is to simply place your tomatoes next to a banana.

Why is this effective? Bananas release ethylene gas, which will speed up the ripening process.

Using this method, you can have only a slightly blushed tomato ripen in only 1-2 days.

Photo credit: Alan Levine

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