How to Organize Garden Tools and Supplies

Gardening Tools
Organize Garden Tools

Tools are essential for successful gardening and chances are that you will use them for your day to day gardening needs. There are many useful tools you will need in your garden, so it's important to have them ready whenever you need them.

Since tools are so essential for gardening, it's important to store them in a way that allows you to pick them up easily whenever you need them. Nothing feels more frustrating than having to search for a tool while your garden is waiting.

To avoid this problem, it's important to always store your tools properly. It will not just make your garden shed (or a storage space) neat, but it will also allow you to quickly find the tool you need.

How to Organize

All gardeners, even the newbie ones, have some tools and supplies they need to know how to organize. Storing tool improperly can only lead to a mess pretty quickly. In order to avoid this problem, you need to know how to store your tools and supplies in an organized manner.

Here are some quick tips on how to store and organize your tools so you can always reach them easily:

  • For effective use of space, hang your tools and supplies against the wall. Use a simple wall organizer for smaller items. You may also build pegboard for storage. Another good way to organize your items is to simply hang your tools on a trellis or pegs rails.
  • To maximize the space, especially in small sheds, use your rolling cart. This is a very effective way to keep all of your tools in one place.
  • Use an old mailbox to store your items. You can simply stake it in the ground or attach it to the side of a raised bed. This way, the tools will always be there with you. This method is great for storing all those small items you will need in your garden.
  • To take your tools to the garden with you, simply turn a carpenter's nail belt into a portable tool caddy. You may also use an old pair of jeans for this purpose. Another thing you can do it to take an old milk bottle carrier to bring smaller items with you.
  • You may upcycle an old shelf or dresser and use it for storage.
  • Use old spigots and wood scraps to build and nice and useful garden tool rack.
  • Take some ribbon and clothespins to create a beautiful planting calendar.
  • Use a large terracotta pot filled with sand and a bit of mineral oil to keep your garden tools in it. Alternatively, you may use a different type of oil (such as linseed). This mixture will clean the tools and prevent rust and corrosion. This is a great way to store numerous types of tools.

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