How to Propagate Syngonium with Water

Syngonium Propagate

This is a beautiful plant that doesn't require much care. While not the easiest plant to care for, it is not particularly demanding. You can make it thrive in most homes, and it is not too time consuming to take appropriate care of it. In fact, it is very easy to take care for. The only potential issue is that it grows quickly and can become unruly if not pruned regularly. Keep in mind that Syngonium likes pruning and you need to perform this maintenance when it gets unruly. Failing to do so can get your plant out of control quickly.

Should You Propagate Syngonium Plants?

Since Syngonium are so popular as houseplants, you can never get enough. This makes many people wonder if it's feasible to propagate Syngonium, or would a better approach be to buy more new plants. While it is possible to get more of the new plants from a store, keep in mind that it is very easy to propagate Syngonium. Even beginner gardeners can do this with great success.

The only thing you need to do is choose a method of propagating cuttings. You can do it with water, which is a preferred method for many gardeners, or you can do it straight in the potting compost. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, both methods are equally successful. Furthermore, both methods are easy and suitable even for beginners. Even if this is your first time propagating a plant, chances are that you will be successful with Syngonium.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you are collecting a cutting from the right part of the parent plant. Observe your plant closely and locate a new grow shoot that has already one or two leaves. These do not necessarily need to be super new growths - you can successfully propagate using mature shoots, too. However, using new shoots provides a better rate of success and it is recommended.

Once you have a cutting, propagating Syngonium is extremely easy and straightforward. Because of this, most plant owners choose to propagate their Syngonium instead of buying new ones.

The Easiest Way to Propagate Syngonium Plants

The quickest and easiest way to propagate Syngonium plants is with cuttings. As noted above, make sure to choose a new shoot that already has one or two leaves on it. When you locate an appropriate shoot, follow it a few inches down until you get to a pair of nodes. These look like two small protruding bumps, one on each side od the stem. These are incredibly important, because this is where the new roots will form on the cuttings.

When taking a cutting, make sure to use a sterilized knife or scissors. Make sure to cut an inch or two below the nodes. The nodes themselves need to be included, because this is where the new plant will form its roots.

When propagating Syngonium plants, it is always best to take several cuttings at the same time. This increases your chance of success. However, always make sure to place them in containers (be it in water or soil) so they do not touch each other.

If you wish to propagate Syngonium with water, you will need a simple container. This method of propagation is favored by many plant owners, because of its simplicity and the ability to monitor how rooting is going. Simply fill out a container with water and insert a cutting into it. Make sure to keep the water topped up at all times.

The new roots should show in about few weeks. However, you need to wait until the new plant has developed a new network of roots. Once you observe this, you should take the plant out of the water and gently plant it in a well-draining compost mix.

In case you prefer to propagate your Syngonium by placing the cuttings directly into the compost, keep in mind that it's best to dip the cut ends of a shoot into the rooting hormone before you plant it. Also, make sure to put all cuttings toward the edges of the pot and not in the center. Place the container in a warm spot and make sure to keep the soil moist.

Photo credit: Dan Jones

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