Flowers and Plants

Add some color to your spaces with garden flowers, house plants and trees.

Hi to everyone.
My name is Karen Travis!

I’m a gardening enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. When not working, I love digging in my garden. I grow everything I can from veggies to plants. I hope you enjoy my blog and that my blog inspires you to garden.


Gardening Basics

Don’t let strange
plants and bad soil
intimidate you.
Enjoy gardening success
in every season.

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Flowers and Plants

Proper Raspberry Care

While most people prefer strawberries over raspberries, raspberries are a great fruit to grow. They are very tasty and packed with vitamins. They are definitely something you want to grow in your garden. Having a raspberry patch in your garden…

Flowers and Plants

Pruning Basics

Pruning is very important for the plant care but many inexperienced plant growers are confused about it. They are not sure how to determine when and how to prune their plants. In some ways, pruning is an art and it…

Flowers and Plants

Growing Kalanchoe Plants

The beautiful kalanchoe makes a great and colorful houseplant. It is also good for landscape or even hanging baskets. It is a popular plant in the garden centers during the holiday season. This is a very unique plant that can…

Growing Vegetables

Growing Vegetables Indoors

Those who wish to grow vegetables indoors have a wide range of options. It’s even possible to grow some varieties in small pots and containers. All you need to do is to give them proper care throughout the whole year….

Flowers and Plants


Abelia is a very popular gardening flower among many homes. Gardeners love to plant them around their porch simply because it is an evergreen plant and easy to take care of. Abelia Quick Facts Growth Habits: Shrub Height: 1 meter…

Gardening Basics

How to Make a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardens are among the most popular types of gardens. They are practical and you can use them to grow many different types of plants (including vegetables). Raised beds are particularly great for those who only have a limited…

Gardening Tools

How to Build a Simple Greenhouse

A greenhouse in the garden is a great way to get a head start of the growing season. This is particularly helpful if you live in such a climate area where getting some additional weeks and months is very helpful…

Flowers and Plants

Starting Perennials from Seed I

Many gardeners wish to start their perennials from seeds, but it seems too complicated. Contrary to the popular belief, however, it doesn’t take special skill nor equipment. Actually, starting plants from seed is very easy. Starting from seed offers numerous…