Flowers and Plants

Add some color to your spaces with garden flowers, house plants and trees.

Hi to everyone.
My name is Karen Travis!

I’m a gardening enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. When not working, I love digging in my garden. I grow everything I can from veggies to plants. I hope you enjoy my blog and that my blog inspires you to garden.


Gardening Basics

Don’t let strange
plants and bad soil
intimidate you.
Enjoy gardening success
in every season.

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Water Garden

How to Make a Barrel Water-Garden

Any garden, deck, patio or a terrace will look more beautiful with a small water garden. You don’t need much money or special equipment to make one in your home. In fact, it’s possible to make a beautiful mini water…

Cow Manure
Organic Gardening

Using Manure for Organic Gardening

Organic farming and organic fertilizers are getting more and more popular. There are so many different organic materials plant growers use, and so many methods to apply organic fertilizing in your garden. For example, some people use bat guano, other…

Indoor Gardening

Growing Plants in Small Terrariums

Terrariums are a popular choice in many homes. They have a long history, going back to the Ancient Greeks more than 2000 years ago. A relatively new way to use terrariums is invented by Nathaniel Ward in the 19th century….

Rose Garden
Flowers & Blooms

Gardening and Caring for Roses

Gardening caring for roses? Not a big deal. Rose gardening is very easy if you know the tricks of how to build and maintain a rose garden properly. A blooming rose garden is definitely what every garden owners hope to…

Gardening Basics

10 Greenhouse Gardening Benefits

Greenhouse gardening is actually the next level of gardening and many gardeners doubt to build their own greenhouse due to the cost. The question here is that whether the benefits that you can get by building a greenhouse will match…

Organic Garden
Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Secrets for Newbies

Organic gardening is a well known gardening method because you are going to have the chance of harvesting fruits, vegetables or even flowers that are free from chemicals and other man-made substances. With that being said, if you are an…

Purple Orchid
Gardening Tools

How to Sanitize Orchid Pruning Tools

If you want to trigger reblooming on your Phalaenopsis orchid, it’s important to prune it carefully. This pruning will cut away certain parts of the plant and make it bloom. Cutting is also necessary in some other cases, such as…

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools

Storing Gardening Tools Over the Winter

The winter season is coming to the most parts of the country and of course, for international readers, all around the world. Most new gardeners think that a winter will not have much impact on their gardening equipments as they…


Broccoli Growing Problems II

There are many broccoli growing problems you may encounter even if you manage to grow healthy seedlings. As broccoli matures, it gets stronger and hardier, and it becomes firmly established into the ground. It is a sign that your plant…

Asparagus Bed

Broccoli Growing Problems I

Broccoli is a super-healthy food that should be on your menu. This superfood has lots of beneficial vitamins and nutrients you need. In fact, it is one of the top nutrient dense foods. For these reasons, it’s advisable to always…