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Hi to everyone.
My name is Karen Travis!

I’m a gardening enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. When not working, I love digging in my garden. I grow everything I can from veggies to plants. I hope you enjoy my blog and that my blog inspires you to garden.


Gardening Basics

Don’t let strange
plants and bad soil
intimidate you.
Enjoy gardening success
in every season.

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Flowers & Blooms

How to Protect Your Roses During Winter

To care for your roses properly, you need to understand what kind of temperatures and conditions they need. Generally speaking, cold winds can do much more damage to roses than cold temperatures. This is one of the first things you…

Pest Control

Natural Pest Control I

Pests are a common problem in any garden. All gardeners face this issue at least once, and many of them can’t seem to get rid of pests no matter what they try. It’s true that some gardens attract more pests…

Posion Ivy

Homemade Poison Ivy Remedy

Poison Ivy can be very uncomfortable. If you’ve ever had it on your body you know how nasty it can get. Luckily, there are many DIY ways to remedy the situation and remove Poison Ivy from your body. The best…

Flowers & Blooms

How to Grow Ginger

Ginger is very healthy and tasty, so it’s not surprising it’s a staple in Asian cuisine. It’s often grown in other parts of the world, too. It’s very popular and used in many recipes. Numerous studies show that ginger offers…


Great Plants You Can Start Late

Some people like to make an early start on their plants to get the most of their growing season. What happens if you are not one of those gardeners? There are many of us who are a bit late with…

Flowers & Blooms

Different Types of Hydrangeas

Hydrangea macrophylla (mophead) is a popular house plant, known for its beautiful flowers. It can bring charm and style to your garden. This plant has flowers in many different colors, such as blue, white, pink or purple. They can be…

Staghorn Fern
Flowers & Blooms

How to Care for Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns (Platycerium spp.) are gorgeous plants with beautiful leaves, which gives them a truly unique appearance. There are two types of Staghorn fern leaves: regular ones and those that look like horns. If you wish to grow Staghorn ferns,…

Gardening Basics

How to Make a Simple Hand Balm

Gardening gloves are a very important tool. They will protect your hands and make you work safely. There are many materials in the garden that you don’t want to touch, so wearing gloves is advisable. However, gloves are not always…


Grow Potatoes Organically II  

There are many useful and practical ways to grow potatoes organically, and we’ve already outlined some of them. Remember, the proposed organic methods for growing potatoes are: The organic growing methods are: Raised Bed Method Straw Mulch Method Hilled Rows…


Spring, Summer and Fall Vegetables

Those who like vegetable gardening should know when it’s the best time to plant their veggies. It’s important to understand that while many vegetables can be planted in various times of the year, there is an optimal planting time. Some…

Flowers & Blooms

How to Care for Daylilies

The Daylily is a wonderful plant many gardeners choose for their home. Traditionally, a daylily is known to produce bright, yellow flowers. However, today it’s possible to have daylilies in numerous other colors, so you can make your garden truly…

Flowers & Blooms

Making a Strawberry Planter from a Pallet

Pallets are great to use for various gardening projects. They are cheap and you can easily transform them in various items you may need in your garden. Strawberry planters are a great way to grow your strawberries, but commercial planters…