Spider Plant Propagation

Spider Plant Propagation

Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosun) are great houseplants you can enjoy yearlong. Many people wish to have more in their collection, but this costs money. A great way to get more Spider Plants for free is to use propagation. This way, you can make new baby plants for your home, or you can make them into gifts for your family and friends.

A great news is that propagating new Spider Plants from an existing plant is easy. It is suitable even for beginner gardeners who don't have much experience, as well as those who don't have much time to dedicate to their plants.

How To Propagate Spider Plants

There are two ways to go if you wish to propagate your Spider Plants: to grow new plants directly in soil, or to grow them in water. Both methods are easy, so it depends on your preference.

To propagate your Spider Plant, take a good look at it. Locate small, knob-like protrusions on the plantlets (spiders). They will also have tiny roots on the bottom. Propagation simply means removing them from the mature plant and growing them further.

The good news is that you can actually leave the new plant attached to the mature plant until it takes root. After this, simply separate it by cutting or snipping the runner. On the other hand, it is not wrong to separate the mature plant and a new plant immediately. This approach will work better if you grow your Spider Plant as a hanging plant.

You can simply grow your little plant in a lightweight potting mix. However, make sure that your chosen pot has drainage holes in the bottom. This is the quickest and easiest way to go when propagating your Spider Plants.

Rooting Spider Plants in Water

If you prefer, you can root and grow your new Spider Plants in water instead in soil. Simply remove a plantlet from the mature plant and place it in a glass or a small jar of water. Leave it there for 1-2 weeks until it develops roots.

Once the roots have developed, you can plant your new Spider Plant in a container filled with soil. It is down to preference, and some people enjoy rooting their new plants in water.

Caring for New Plants

Here are some tips on how to care for your new Spider Plants:

  • To achieve a bushy, thick look, you should start several new Spider Plants in the same pot.
  • If your mature Spider Plant is not as bushy as you like, you can plant a few of the new plants next to it. This will help it achieve a fuller appearance.
  • You should water your new Spider Plants enough to keep the soil slightly moist, but never completely wet. A new healthy growth will tell you that the plant has rooted. This is when you know you can resume regular care of it, just like with any other Spider Plant.

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