Peat Moss
Gardening Basics

Differences between Peat Moss and Compost

Peat Moss and compost are sometimes seen as the same thing, but there are some notable differences. If you want to use one or the other in your garden, it is important to know about these differences. This is the…

Compost Mulch
Organic Gardening

Composting and Mulching Done Right

There is a lot of talk about composting and mulching in gardening, and for a reason. Compost and mulch are very beneficial for your garden. However, beginner gardeners often find themselves confused about these things. What’s the difference between composting…

Gardening Basics

How to Make Compost I

Compost is a mixture of soil, sand and humus-forming material. When you mix it, it is allowed to decompose for a certain period of time. In the process, weed seeds are destroyed and the number of friendly bacteria found in…

Garden Compost Bin
Gardening Basics

How to Make Compost Quickly

Many gardeners are familiar with compost. There are also many people who choose to make their own compost heaps. Compost can add great value to leaves so this is one important use for old leaves in your garden. Compost is…


How to Build a Super-Effective Compost Bin

Composting is vital for gardening, especially if you wish to keep your garden fully organic. Composting is important for improving the fertility of garden soil and it will help your plants thrive. Composting also helps with moisture management. One of…

Compost Bin
Gardening Basics

How to Make Compost II

Here are some additional tips on how to prepare and use your own compost for your garden. Making a Compost Bin: Fence The best bins for this purpose are circular fence or silo bins. You can find them in feed…