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How to Build a Hanging Herb Garden

Those who like to grow herbs know how tricky it can be to organize an herb garden. On one hand, herbs can be easily grown almost anywhere, even on your kitchen window. On the other, it does take some organization…

Homegrown Herbs

20 Great Ways to Use Homegrown Herbs

Herbs are very useful plants you can use in many different ways. Another great thing is that they are typically pretty easy to grow. Herbs don’t require much work nor experience, and most of the time, they don’t even require…


How to Propagate Rosemary from Cuttings

Rosemary is a great herb you can grow in your home or garden. It’s often grown in pots or as a small shrub, but it’s entirely possible to grow a full hedge of rosemary. You can accomplish this by purchasing…

Herb Garden

Herbs Gardening 101

Herbs are not just for outdoor gardens. If you are able to provide some of the elements that are essential to herbs gardening, you can supply yourself with a variety of herb materials for cooking, meditation and fragrance purposes. In…

Thyme Flowers

How to Preserve Herbs

Herbs are irreplaceable in the kitchen. They are used to add special flavor to many meals, so it’s not surprising many people want to have their own supply of various herbs to use. The best thing to do it is…

Mint Leaves

Important Medical Uses of Herbs

Herbs are widely used all over the world. They are among the most popular medicine plants and they are known for their numerous healing properties. Herbs are not just a tasty addition to your meals: they can be used for…

Basil Leaves

Top 10 Herbs for Your Windowsill Garden

Great news for all plant growers is that you can successfully grow herbs indoors. This is particularly useful during winter. People without outdoor gardens can make a small garden indoors to grow their herbs. An ideal place is a kitchen…

Fresh Mint Leaves

Many Exciting Ways to Use Mint

Mint is a beautiful plant you can use in many different ways. It’s a popular herb that is easy to grow and you often end up with lots and lots of mind you don’t know what to do with. Once…

Herbs in Pots

How to Cut Herbs

Many people like to grow herbs to use them in their kitchen. There are many herbs you can successfully grow in your home. To make your herbs thrive and to use them in your kitchen it’s important to give them…