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Growing Jade Plants: Additional Tips to Remember

Jade plant, also known as Money plant, is the most popular succulent. There are many people who grow this gorgeous plant in their home. Jade plant (Casssula ovata) is very easy to care for, so it’s ideal for beginner gardeners…

Jade Plant
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Caring for Jade Plant

Jade plants are gorgeous and make perfect house plants. A good thing about them is that they are easy to care for so they don’t require you to be an experienced gardener. These succulents come in many different variations so…

Jade Plant Cuttings
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How to Propagate Jade Plants

Jade plants are great house plants you can grow without much trouble. While they do require some specific care most people can easily learn how to grow them. A great thing about Jade plant succulents is that they don’t require…

Jade Plant in Pot
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Common Problems with Jade Plants

Jade plants are beautiful and you can grow them in your home. However, these plants often develop certain problems. Pests are one of them, but there’s more. In order to make your jade plant as beautiful as it can be…