Pruning Shears
Gardening Tools

How to Clean and Sharpen Pruning Shears

It’s important to always keep your pruning tools properly maintained. It means they have to be cleaned, sharpened and sanitized. If you don’t take care of your pruning shears they can cause more harm than help. You can get hurt…

Soil Turning Tools
Gardening Tools

Important Soil-Turning Tools

In order to make the most of your garden soil you need to have adequate soil-turning tools. These tools are essential for all gardeners so it’s best to have them ready whenever you want to work in your garden or…

Garden Cart
Gardening Tools

Choosing a Perfect Garden Cart

Plant growers and gardeners understand the need for a quality garden cart. A garden cart is a necessary item in every garden shed and it helps a lot if you wish to keep your garden organized. A quality garden cart…

Rain Barrel
Gardening Tools

The Advantages of Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are effective devices for watering your garden or lawn. They have been growing in popularity because they are very effective when it comes to saving water or lowering water bills. Many homeowners choose this method of watering their…

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools

The Best Way to Store Your Gardening Tools

Proper cleaning and storing of your garden tools is very important, especially in winter or whenever you plan on not using them for a long time. In fact, it’s best to clean your tools properly after each use. You should…

Drip Irrigation
Gardening Tools

How to Use Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation (also known as micro irrigation) uses a network of pipes made to carry a low water flow (under low pressure) to plants. The water is delivered through tube openings or attached devices usually placed above, at or below…

Garden Hose
Gardening Tools

Choosing a Garden Hose

A quality garden hose is a must-have item for all people who wish to grow plants. It is a great way to quickly and easily water your plants. However, with so many types, varieties and prices, it’s often difficult and…

Mulching Fallen Leaves
Gardening Basics

Tips for Mulching of Leaves

Mulching of leaves can be a daunting task but it needs to be done in order to keep your lawn and garden protected and clean. It’s particularly important to do this in autumn. It’s best to mulch the leaves with…

Frost Blankets
Gardening Tools

Improving Frost Blankets

Frost blankets are often used by professional gardeners, but there is no reason you can’t use them for your plants. There are many home gardeners who opt to use frost blankets with a great success. Frost blankets are handy because…

Gardening Tools

Reasons Why You Should NOT Use a Rototiller

Some beginner gardeners think that using a rototiller is necessary. A rototiller is sometimes seen as an integral tool in the garden. However, it can actually do more harm than help. There are reasons to avoid using a rototiller for…

Potting Bench
Gardening Tools

How to Buy a Potting Bench

All gardeners know the importance of a good potting bench. More than a simple accessory, a quality potting bench is very helpful for all people who wish to practice gardening and grow plants in their home or garden. A handy…

Gardening Kit
Gardening Tools

Choosing the Best Gardening Tool Kit

Many beginner gardeners wonder what kind of tools and items they need. They also wonder what makes the best gardening tool kit. Gardening can be a great hobby or a very serious business, and sometimes the choice of tools depends…