Fruits, Trees and Shrubs

Planting Fruit Trees II

Once you know how to choose the best fruit tree variety, it’s important to know how to plant it properly. Fall is a great time to plant a fruit tree because it gives it enough time to recover before the…

Fruits, Trees and Shrubs

How to Care for Citrus Trees

Citrus trees, such as lemon and orange, are very attractive and not only provide tasty fruit for your family but also make a great addition to your garden. They are beautiful and produce wonderful fragrance when they are blooming. Many…

Fruits, Trees and Shrubs

Planting Fruit Trees I

Fruit trees are beautiful and can be very useful in the garden. It’s therefore not surprising that so many people want to grow fruit trees in their garden. Fruit trees give bountiful harvests and are often more rewarding than vegetables….

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Trees You Should Not Grow in Your Garden I

There are many people who want to grow trees in their garden or a backyard. This is generally a great idea, particularly for those who have large gardens. However, not all trees are good candidates for gardens and backyards. There…

Trees Frost Protection
Trees and Shrubs

How to Protect Trees from Winter Damage

There are many things you can do to protect your trees and shrubs from possible winter damage. Use fall months to prepare your plants for the winter and to ensure they are fully protected. One of the first things you…

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Trees and Shrubs

Trees You Should Not Grow in Your Garden III

Some trees have hungry and thirsty roots that can endanger any other plant that grows nearby. These trees will take all of the nutrients so there is nothing left for other plants. Other trees come with their specific problems, such…

Crop of Oranges
Fruits, Trees and Shrubs

Protecting Citrus Trees from Cold

Citrus trees such as lemons, oranges, satsumas and grapefruit are some of the most popular fruit trees grown at homes. There is a good reason for their popularity. They are reliable in producing quality fruit and they tend to be…