Winterized Balcony Garden
Gardening Basics

How to Winterize Your Garden

Winterizing your garden before the cold months is an essential step you should make for your plants. A proper winterizing procedure is important because it can help plants successfully handle cold winter days and long nights. Also, winterizing will make…

Trees Frost Protection
Trees and Shrubs

How to Protect Trees from Winter Damage

There are many things you can do to protect your trees and shrubs from possible winter damage. Use fall months to prepare your plants for the winter and to ensure they are fully protected. One of the first things you…

Winter Color
Trees and Shrubs

How to Add Color to Your Winter Garden?

Gardens often look sad and colorless in winter. This happens because there aren’t many plants that can produce color during the winter months. In order to make your garden look the best during winter it is best to plant some…