The Easiest Vegetables and Herbs for Beginners

Growing Vegetables
Sugar Snap Peas

Beginner gardeners who wish to grow their own vegetables should always choose easy plants to grow. These easy veggies are a great way to familiarize yourself with gardening while providing some fresh food for your family at the same time. Starting with easy vegetables will help you learn all the basics and get some valuable gardening experience. Once you are more familiar with gardening you can move to more complex vegetables, other varieties and different plants. The easiest vegetables for beginners are:


This is probably the most popular vegetable many people love to grow. The great news is that it's also a very easy plant to grow, so even beginners can have tomatoes in their garden. Tomatoes require full sun and plenty of compost to thrive. As long as you provide this to them they will grow strong without much additional effort on your part.


Lettuce is a tasty and leafy green vegetable ideal for various types of salads. Lettuce likes cooler temperatures, so it's best to grow it in the spring or fall. A great thing is that you can trim down loose leaf varieties multiple times so you can harvest your lettuce over and over again. It will give you many tasty salads!


All bean varieties, be it bush or pole, can be easily grown in your garden. They all require sun and some water, so that's something you should provide. Other than that, they will grow on their own without much care needed on your part.


Radishes are among the fastest-growing crops you can grow. They need only 28 days to grow. They thrive in cooler temperatures and they won't do well in the full sun, so make sure to plant them in light shade. Once they are ready, simply harvest them for a tasty meal.

Sugar snap peas

These peas are quick growers. Keep in mind that they need cooler temperatures, so it's best to sow them in the spring or fall. They have crunchy pods you can pluck straight from the pods. This vegetable doesn't require much care so it's great for beginner gardeners.

Summer squash

Summer squash is a great producer and it doesn't require much care. Even beginners can grow it very successfully. If you want to grow summer squash keep in mind that you'll probably produce so much that you'll give some to your neighbors and friends.


This is a beautiful perennial that is not just tasty but also looks very beautiful. You can grow it as a decoration and you can make delicious homegrown rhubarb strawberry pies.

Easy Herbs to Grow

There are also some nice herbs you can easily grow in your garden:

Basil. This tasty plant thrives when planted in a warm, sunny spot. Pinch the flowers and that's about all you need to do when it comes to basil care. You will have enough basil for the whole season.

Thyme. Thyme is a perennial and it doesn't require much care. Also, you don't need much too use in your meals, so you don't have to grow much to have a nice supply of thyme for your cooking.

Chives. Chives are very hardy herbs. They can grow in almost any climate, soil type or sun intensity. They are great for beginner gardeners or busy people who don't have a lot of time to dedicate to gardening.

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