Tips on Finding Cheap, Large Pots for Your Plants

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Cheap Pots For Plants

All gardeners know the importance of quality pots. It's not unusual to find yourself without an appropriate pot or a container. Not having pots of the right size is every gardener's nightmare.

It may sound logical to simply buy a new pot at a local garden store. However, it's not that easy. These containers are often very expensive, especially when it comes to larger sizes. This is why it's always useful to have some extra pots at home, especially in larger sizes. These pots and containers can come in handy for more things than simply potting a plant.

How to Get Cheap Pots for Plants

There are some tips and tricks you can use to get those large pots you might need for your garden. In fact, it's possible to get large containers you can use as garden pots easily, even for free. All you need to do is ask.

For example, it's relatively easy to get one of those 5 gallon plastic pots at your local Home Depot or a similar store. The trick is to ask at the store's recycling program. Home Depot offers a special program here for all people who buy a tree, plant or even a program. If you buy a plant, you can bring the growing container back for recycling.

The great thing about this is that these pots can be taken for free. They are made for recycling, so the staff will usually allow you to take as many as you wish, for free. Even if your local store doesn't offer them for free, chances are that you will be able to get them at a very small price.

Given that a typical large pot or a container costs at least $10 per piece, it's clear this method can save you a lot of money. Sure, you will need to clean these pots at your home, but it's a small inconvenience given that you can get all these pots for free or at a very small price.

Another good way to look for cheap, used pots are bakeries. Bakeries use cookie and frosting buckets so you can stop by your local bakery and ask if they have some buckets they want to get rid of. Chances are that you will be able to get them for free. This is another easy way to get large pots you can use in your garden.

The bottom line is: just ask around at local stores. Many stores have large containers they don't use, and many will be more than happy to let you take them for free. It's a good alternative to commercial pots. They are cheap and they provide great containers for your plants. All you need to do is to clean them thoroughly before use.

Photo credit: Jonathan Cutrer

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