Using Diapers for Potted Plants

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Using Diapers For Potted Plants

An interesting gardening idea: instead of crystals, use diaper on the bottom of your pots to help retain the moisture. This is an unorthodox but very effective solution and it's also more affordable than using commercial gardening products.

Placing a diaper on the bottom of a pot will retain the moisture, which is an excellent solution for making the plants fresh and strong. The diapers will help the pots stay moist, especially during the summer.

The diapers basically act the same as commercial water hydrating crystals, but they are more affordable. Diapers contain water absorbing polymer crystals that absorb water and expand when wet. If you put a diaper inside the pot, the polymers will absorb the water when you water the plant and become reservoir for the plant when it's dry. This will effectively keep your plant moist.

How to Use Diapers

Follow these simple steps to use diapers in your pots:

  1. But bark at the bottom of your pot. It's best to use a mixture of bark and some old soil from the last year's pot.
  2. Make holes on the outside of the unused diaper so the water can drain.
  3. Place the diaper with the inside up in the pot, on top of the bark.
  4. Add potting soil over the diaper layer. You may buy commercial potting soil or make your own. A good homemade potting soil consists of: 25% old soil from the last year's pot, 25% peat moss (it helps retain water), 25% vermiculite (it's a de-clumping agent) and 25% new potting soil.
  5. Arrange your plants in the pot. Use plants that need moisture. Various types of flowers usually work best.
  6. Pack soil around the flowers. Add a bit of slow release plant food granules to the top.

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