How to Grow Pothos Plants in Water II

Pothos In Water

Growing your Pothos plants in water can be very fun and rewarding. This is a great way to avoid messiness of soil and it is great for those who don't know how much and when to water their plants.

However, growing Pothos plants in water doesn't always go smoothly. There are a few common problems you can encounter. In order to avoid these issues and to have happy Pothos plants growing in water, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Problems with Growing Pothos Plants in Water

Generally speaking, Pothos plants can thrive in water and they don't face numerous issues. However, from time to time a problem may occur. The biggest problem is usually the water itself.

Your Pothos plants can't thrive in a water full of chlorine. Since tap water is usually full of chlorine you need to let it sit for a day or two in a separate container until the chlorine is gone. Only then the water is safe for your plants. Keep this in mind before you add more water to the container, since this is something you will need to do regularly. Also, if you want to completely change the water to your Pothos plants, make sure to let it sit for at least day or two.

Another issue is the amount of water. While growing Pothos plants in water eliminates conventional watering keep in mind that you will still need to add more water from time to time. This is why you will need to observe your Pothos plants carefully. Keep in mind that the majority of roots need to be below the water line in order for your Pothos plants to thrive. Some roots may be above the water line and exposed to the air - this is beneficial for the wellbeing of your plant. However, most of the roots need to be below the water or at least at the water level.

When you notice the water level lowering in the container, simply add more water so most roots are above the water level. This simple action will prevent most of the issues associated with growing Pothos plants in water.

Algae Growth

Another common problem for those who want to grow Pothos plants (and other plants) in water is algae growth. This is particularly problematic for those who grow their plants in clear, transparent containers. However, this issue can happen almost any time, so it is important to be aware of it.

Various algae can form on the sides of the container when you grow your plants in water. Algae can make the water green in color and murky. This is an aesthetic problem but the bigger issue is the fact that algae can reduce the plants' access to nutrients in water. This is something you want to avoid at all costs.

To get rid of this problem, make sure to observe your Pothos plant regularly. Take a look at the container to notice any algae growth. If the growth occurs, you will need to remove your Pothos plants from the container and clean container thoroughly. If you have a clear, transparent container consider using a darker one that doesn't let so much light penetrate the water. This will reduce the algae growth and keep the water clean and full of nutrients for your Pothos plant.

One note about getting rid of the algae: while there are some chemicals you can use to achieve that, these are not recommended because they can also harm your Pothos plant. If it is difficult to remove the algae, simply use a toothbrush or a cloth to scrub them off the sides of the container. Just make sure to rinse the out properly. This is a relatively easy task but it solves most of the problems associated with the algae buildup.

Stagnant Water

Keep in mind that it is best to keep your water fresh. Stagnant water is not beneficial for your Pothos plant. To prevent the water from becoming foul, make sure to replace all of the water periodically. This will also prevent the algae buildup.

When changing water, make sure to clean the container properly. Always use clean water that had a chance to sit for at least a day to remove the chlorine. Add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to provide nutrient and put your plants back in the container. This will provide a fresh water medium for your Pothos plants to grow.

Pothos Plants Growing Too Tall

If you make your Pothos plant thrive, it will grow tall. This can be very rewarding but there is a chance of your Pothos plants growing too long. If this happens, simply cut the tips of the plant off. Root these tips in water. This will make the original stems shorter but will also provide you with new cuttings you can grow in water to make your Pothos plant lush and rich inside of a container.


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