How to Grow Pothos Plants in Water I

Pothos In Water

The vast majority of people grow their Pothos plants in soil but this doesn't have to be your choice. It is possible to plant these gorgeous plants in water with a bit of liquid fertilizer added to provide nutrients to your Pothos plant.

While there is nothing wrong about growing your Pothos plants in soil, keep in mind that this can be very messy. Also, if you choose soil you need to maintain a proper watering regime. If you fail to do so you can kill your plant. This is why growing you Pothos in water can be very beneficial.

The good news is that you don't really need any expensive or elaborate equipment to grow your Pothos in water. There are no expensive pumps, special fertilizers or containers. In fact, you can grow your Pohos plants in a vase or a jar and using tap water.

One great advantage to growing plants in water is that you don't have to worry about watering or having to remember to water your plant. Since they grow in the water they will receive water directly, without your input. This is great thing for those who prefer a worry-free gardening and don't want to constantly worry about taking care of their Pothos plants.

Another advantage to growing your Pothos plants in water is that it's less messy. Dealing with soil can be very messy and water is a great way to avoid that.

Growing Plants in Water

It is important to know that most plants don't really need soil to grow and thrive. What they take from soil is water and nutrients. As long as you can provide that in other ways, you don't really need soil.

Pothos plants are very easy to grow from cuttings that are placed in water. They will grow like that even in a simple jar or a vase, as long as you also provide them with some nutrients and sufficient amount of sunlight. Keep in mind that Pothos plants are hardy and can survive in many different conditions. It is important to remember that almost any container will do, as long as it can hold water.

Basic things you need for growing Pothos plants in water:

  • A container (a jar, vase or another glass container).
  • Tap water (unless it's too chlorinated).
  • Liquid fertilizer to provide nutrients.

How to Grow Pothos in Water

Here are the main things to keep in mind if you want to grow Pothos plants in water:

Take your chosen container and clean it thoroughly. This can be any sort of a vase, jar or another glass container. If you don't have any in your home you can buy them very cheaply in various stores. The container can be colored or clear (transparent). Both options are very effective. Just keep in mind that clear containers will need to be cleaned more often than colored ones. Clear containers are excellent breeding ground for algae so if you want to avoid that, opt for a colored vase that will block out the light and prevent the growth of algae.

The next step is to add water. One great thing about growing Pothos plants in water is that they can thrive even in tap water. However, these plants don't do well in water that is overly chlorinated, so this is something to keep in mind. Since most tap water is well-chlorinated you need to let it sit for a few days (or one day at least) in an open container. This will make the chlorine evaporate and the water will be safe to use for your Pothos plants. Once the water is ready, pour it to your chosen vase or a jar.

Next, add some fertilizer. This is a very important step because it is the only way for your Pothos plant to get all the nutrients it needs to thrive. A good choice of a fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer because it goes straight into the water. However, you may choose any type of a liquid fertilizer and it will be fine for your Pothos plants. Most people use Miracle-Gro and it is great but you may opt for a different type of a liquid fertilizer if you like.

Just add a few drops of fertilizer to the water. The exact dosage should be determined based on the instructions on the fertilizer's box. It will depend on the size of your container and the amount of water you use for your plant.

Finally, add your Pothos plants to the container. You need to use cuttings. You can obtain them by taking cuttings from your existing Pothos plants or you may ask a friend who grows Pothos to give you cuttings. Another option is to simply purchase a Pothos plant in a garden center or a nursery.

To take cuttings, simply select a section on a stem, typically on the end of a vine. Cut enough off a stem so that the remaining cutting has at least 3 nodes. These are points where leaves and roots grow. It is alright to get some with a bit more than 3 nodes but don't go overboard: cuttings can only support a limited amount of leaves before it develops new roots so keep this in mind when making Pothos cuttings.

When taking cuttings, make sure to remove a leaf or two from the end of each cutting. At the same time, make sure not to remove leaves on the end where new growth is occurring.

Once the cuttings are ready, place them in the container. Make sure that the cut ends are well-covered with water. You need to wait a few days before you see new roots starting to form on the cuttings. These roots will grow stronger in time and will be able to support all the new growth of your plant. This is the best way to grow your Pothos plants in water.


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