How to Propagate Pothos Vine

Pothos Propagation

Pothos vines can make a gorgeous addition to your home. In order to take a good care of them, it is important to know how to provide adequate conditions. However, Pothos vine care goes beyond simple watering and lighting regime.

While Pothos vines are very easy to grow, there are some things you should know about your plants. For example, you may wish to propagate them. Propagation is a very useful thing because it rejuvenates the plant. Also, it gives you more new Pothos vine plants you can enjoy. This is why it is so useful to know how to propagate Pothos vines.

There are two main methods of propagation you can use for your Pothos vines: propagation with cuttings and propagation by root division.

Propagation with Cuttings

Pothos vines can be propagated with cuttings very easily. In fact, you can use a single stem to produce several cuttings. This can easily be arranged because each cutting only needs one node to produce roots. Since each stem has more nodes you can easily cut a stem into individual segments to produce cuttings.

When cutting make sure to cut just above a leaf. This will produce the best cuttings and give your new Pothos vines the best start.

Once you have your cuttings make sure to strike them into moistened perlite or vermiculite. Place them inside up to a point where the node is just below the surface. Alternatively, you can strike several cuttings into a pot and let them root where you want them to grow. Both approaches give good results so you may try both.

With these methods, your cuttings should be well-rooted in about 4 to 6 weeks.

It is also important to note that many people opt to root their Pothos cuttings in water. This is a good method that produces roots quickly. However, keep in mind that roots formed in water are often brittle. They can easily be damaged during transplanting into soil. This is why it may be for the best to root your cuttings outside of the water so the roots are stronger and not so easy to damage.

Propagating By Root Division

Another good method of propagating Pothos plants is by root division. This can be done any time you repot your Pothos vine.

When you repot, simply cut the root ball in half or in quarters. Then plant each division in a new pot to produce new Pothos vines.

Photo credit: Francis Chung

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