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Mini Greenhouse Plastic Container

There are many different ways to grow plants. One of the most effective methods is to use a greenhouse. However, not everybody has enough space or money to invest into a huge, commercial greenhouse.

Luckily, you can make a small greenhouse all by yourself. These homemade mini-greenhouses are very practical and they allow you to grow your plants in the best way possible.

Reasons to Make a Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse will definitely benefit your garden and allow you to grow many vegetables throughout the year. A portable greenhouse allows you to have all that green food whenever you want. It's the best thing for your family: fresh, tasty food throughout the year, all from your own garden.

The main advantage of these small greenhouses is that they can be made in any size you wish. It means that even small gardens can have these greenhouses without compromising any space. Another great thing is that all the materials needed to build your greenhouse are cheap, so you definitely don't have to spend a fortune to have one in your home.

Probably the best thing about mini-greenhouses is that they are completely portable. They are so small you can place them anywhere: in your house, shed or in the garden. Typically, these mini-greenhouses are made to be kept near home, but the point is that you can place them anywhere. You can also carry them easily from place to place because they are light and convenient.

Turn Your Salad Container into a Greenhouse

These mini-greenhouses are truly easy to make. You basically need only one thing: plastic containers. Salad containers seem to work the best, but you may use any other similar container you might have. The best of all, you don't have to buy any of them: simply wash your salad container and use it as a mini greenhouse!

Since you will probably need a lot of these containers, develop a habit to always save your containers somewhere. You will sure use them in the future! You can basically use any plastic container to make a mini-greenhouse, but vegetable containers work the best. They are of an optimal size and the best of all, you know their original content is not harmful for the new plants. You can't always know that with other types of food or other items stored in plastic containers, so vegetable containers are the best way to go. Keep in mind that you can never wash a container perfectly. However, if you are sure that the original content can't harm the plants, you can use any plastic container of a size similar to plastic salad containers.

Making a Mini-Greenhouse

Mini-greenhouses are very easy to make. All you need are plastic containers and something to poke holes in them. First, decide what you want to grow and see how many containers you need. You might also decide based on the container size.

Once you have selected your containers, make sure to pop a few holes in the plastic. It will allow your plants to breathe and ensure a good air flow. Proper airflow is important or else your plants will develop a disease and you will sure notice some mold in the plastic. You sure want to avoid that.

When you have the containers ready, place your plants inside. It's best to use small pots and planters that can neatly fit inside the plastic box. Make sure to place your mini greenhouse somewhere where it's sunny (such as a window) so they can grow freely.

After a few weeks your vegetables will outgrow the box and you will be ready to either eat them or transfer them to your garden. You can wash the plastic box and use it again to grow even more vegetables.

Additional Information

  • Mini-greenhouses are made to be small and portable, which means you can grow only a few vegetables in them, and mainly smaller vegetables. However, it doesn't mean you are limited to only one mini greenhouse! Make several greenhouses and you will have more vegetables than you can think of. The thing is, even these small greenhouses make plants grow fast so they give you more than what you imagine based on the size of the box.
  • If you like this method, you can take larger boxes to make bigger greenhouses and grow larger vegetables or more vegetables per box at once.
  • Make sure to always place the correct vegetable type with the right box. Some boxes are too small. There isn't really a box that is too large, but if you place something really small inside a huge box, it's just a waste of a box that could be used to grow something bigger.

The best thing about these mini-greenhouses is that they are portable. Use this to always position the box at the most optimal place. It will make the plants grow even faster and healthier.

Photo credit: Lori Erickson

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