How to Make Orchids Bloom

Orchid Bloom

Orchid flowers need some time and excellent care to develop properly and reach their full potential. There are, however, some things you can do to speed up their blooming process and produce better flowers.

After orchids bloom, we want the blooms to last for a long time. The time depends on species and cultivars. It can be 3-4 months for Phalaenopsis orchid while for some other orchids it can be only a week. Whatever the natural time for their bloom is, there are some things you can do to make them last as long as possible.

Orchid flowers are among the most beautiful flowers on Earth, so it's not surprising many plant growers want to make them bloom as fast as possible, with those beautiful flowers being there for a long time.

For the best flower quality and bloom time, it's important to understand how orchids work and how they bloom naturally. This will ensure the best possible quality of flowers and it will give you the best control over the whole process.

Making Your Orchids Bloom

Here are some things you can do to make the most of the orchids bloom and to make the flowers last for as long as possible:

  • Get familiar with the yearly bloom schedule of your orchid. It can be once, twice or continuously. Some orchid flowers bloom for one week, others for a few months - it all depends on the species. Moth orchids, on the other hand, are known for their beautiful, long-lasting blooms. Different types of orchids bloom at different times in the year. You need to inform yourself about your orchid's nature and its blooming time.
  • Temperature. Most orchids start to bloom when the weather becomes cooler. Spring and winter are common blooming seasons for orchids. However, it's important to know that orchids can actually bloom throughout the whole year.
  • In order to make your orchid bloom, you should imitate its native home and cooler weather that makes it produce flowers. Place your orchids in large coolers. About a 10 degree drop of temperature will usually trigger their blooming cycle.
  • Place them somewhere where is humid and relatively cold. Probably the best place for an orchid is a bathroom. Bathrooms can usually imitate their tropical home with a great success.
  • Give your orchid enough space. Orchids with crowded roots will never bloom as well as those with well-ventilated roots. For this reason, it's important for your orchid to be planted in a large enough container.
  • Repot your orchid if necessary, especially if you estimate that their current container is too small.
  • Take a good care for your orchid. This will make it bloom and produce more flowers. Make sure to give them enough water and sunlight. You may also prolong the blooming time of your orchids by supplementing their soil with fertilizer from time to time.
    • These things will make your orchids bloom for a long time. Once they shed their flowers, don't worry: they will regain their blooms again when the time is right. Just continue with proper care and your orchid will produce more beautiful flowers.

      Photo credit: jaisril

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