How to Select a Healthy Moth Orchid

Healthy Moth Orchid

The Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) is one of the most common orchid crops on the market. It's very popular during winter months and it often hits the stores for Mother's Day. Orchids are praised for the beauty of their flowers and are still considered one of the most popular flowers among the plant growers.

Orchids are becoming more affordable and available at stores, so more and more people decide to purchase and grow an orchid for the first time. However, orchids have a reputation of being very difficult to grow. This is a myth. With careful handling and proper care, orchids are no more difficult to grow and take care of than most of the other popular house plants. It's important to stick to the guidelines and to give your orchids all the proper care.

It's also important to buy a healthy orchid from the store. By purchasing a strong, healthy plant, you are making sure you will grow a beautiful flower at your home.

Tips for Selecting Healthy Moth Orchids

Here are some guidelines on purchasing Moth Orchids. There are some things you should pay attention to before you buy an orchid you want to keep as a house plant:

  • Make sure that the leaves are clean and medium green in coloration. They should be unblemished and free of any pests. Some of the leaves will have a mottling: this is natural.
  • Flowers should resist above the leaves on a well-supported spike. Bamboo stakes are popular with many growers but it's possible to use different types of spikes to support the flowers.
  • There should be no unnatural spotting on the flowers.
  • A plant should always be in proportion to the container.
  • Make sure the roots are present in the growing media.
  • It's best if the plant still has some buds to open. This is the only way for you to judge the flower life of your orchid.

How to Care for Your Moth Orchid

Orchids are usually grown in pots filled with stones, bark chips or treefern. You may use some other material, but make sure it's loose enough. Some growers choose spaghnum moss to grow their orchids.

Never allow your orchid to sit in water for too long. It's very dangerous to keep an orchid in a water logged pot. Too much water causes the lack of oxygen on the roots which makes them rot. This can kill a plant so it's important to prevent it.

Places with high humidity are ideal for orchids. That's why many owners choose to place them in the bathrooms.

It is very important to know how to water your orchid properly. The first watering should occur right after the purchase. Give your new orchid a good watering at the kitchen sink. Water your orchid for about 15 second in a lukewarm water. After this, allow the plant to drain for at least 15 minutes. Remember, even if it appears to be dry it has had enough water.

When watering your orchid, make sure you don't get any water on the flowers. It will seriously reduce the life of the bloom. It can make your orchid lack any flowers: the plant may be healthy but it will not produce flowers. Remember, if your orchid is strong and completely healthy, the blooms should last for many months and the orchid will produce beautiful flowers.

Never over-water your orchid! Orchids can withstand drought much better than too much water.

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