Why Is Agapanthus Not Flowering?

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Agapanthus is a lovely plant known for its beautiful flowers. It can be grown both in the garden and as a potted plant inside of the home. Since these plants are mainly grown for their blooms, an Agapanthus not flowering can be very frustrating.

Luckily, this is not an issue that is difficult to solve. However, it is important to figure out the reason for Agapanthus not flowering so you can fix it.

The Main Reasons for Agapanthus Not Flowering

Agapanthus not flowering is a relatively common problem. It is something that many beginner gardeners struggle with. These plants can be stubborn and reluctant to flower, but keep in mind that it is not a difficult goal.

In order to make your Agapanthus bloom, you need to understand the growing conditions it needs. It is the main reason for these plants refusing to give flowers: Agapanthus not flowering is generally due to the lack of sunshine, water or another condition you need to provide.

The main reasons for Agapanthus not flowering include:

  • Insufficient amount of light
  • Insufficient amount of water
  • Not enough fertilizer and nutrients
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Roots having too much space

If you have an Agapanthus not flowering, chances are that one of the above reasons is at fault. Luckily, most of them are easy to solve so you can get your plants blooming again. In some cases, it might not happen in the present year, but your plant will be ready to flower in the following year.

Agapanthus Not Flowering: Solve the Problem

If you have an Agapanthus not flowering, here are some things you can do:

Provide Enough Sunshine

Low light is one of the most common reasons for Agapanthus not flowering. Keep in mind that these plants need direct sunlight for most of the day - at least two-thirds of the day it has to be in sunshine. In other words, living in shade will not make your plants thrive. It will probably be able to survive, but it will not give flowers.

Because of this, make sure to grow your Agapanthus plants in sunshine. If you see your plants not flowering, you may wish to move them to a sunnier spot. This will solve the problem, but it might not show results in the next year. Keep in mind that if you move the plant during the autumn or spring may not have enough time to develop its blooms.

Give Enough Water

Keep in mind that Agapanthus not flowering might be due to not receiving enough water. In its natural environment, this plant enjoys plenty of rainfall, so this is something you need to provide. This is particularly important if you choose to grow your Agapanthus in containers. You need to water your plants regularly, particularly in the late summer and in the fall. All of this will affect the development of the flower buds.

At the same time, make sure that your plants grow in a well-drained soil. They don't like to sit in water for too much.

Give Proper Fertilizer

Agapanthus not flowering may be due to the lack of nutrients. Keep in mind that these plants generally require a lot of nutrients, so providing some fertilizer is much-needed. This is particularly true if you wish to encourage your Agapanthus to bloom.

You should feed your Agapanthus two times per year, in the spring and summer. Rose fertilizer is a good choice. Alternatively, you may give your plants some liquid tomato fertilizer once per week starting April all the way until October.

Check for Pests and Diseases

Agapanthus not flowering may be due to the presents of pests and diseases. These can stress your plant, and if a plant is stressed, it will not be able to produce flowers. Not to mention that certain pests target buds and ruin future flowers.

Make sure to observe your plant regularly to notice any signs of diseases and pests. If you notice any issues, it is important to fix the issue immediately. You should never allow these problems to stay for too long. In extreme cases, it can permanently damage or even kill your plant. Even in less extreme cases, the stress will prevent your Agapanthus from flowering.

Keep It Root Bound

Unlike many other plants, Agapanthus likes to be a bit root bound. In other word, Agapanthus not flowering might be because its roots have too much space. While this doesn't always work, keeping your plant's root tight might encourage blooming.

If everything else fails, this is what you can do. Make sure that your Agapanthus plant roots don't have too much space. This is generally not so much of an issue when you grow Agapanthus plants in containers, but it may be a problem when you grow it in the garden.

If you keep your Agapanthus as a container plant, make sure not to repot too often. When you do it, it is important to only put your plant in a container that is one size bigger than the previous one. This will give your growing plant some space, but not too much. Keeping the roots tight might be beneficial for the Agapanthus plant and encourage flowering.

Photo credit: Ignacio Diez

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