Basic Vegetable Gardening Tips

Growing Vegetables
Basic Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is a great gardening activity because of it is far more simple and less money is needed in terms of spending on gardening tools. The rewarding part of it is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your effort. With the correct methods and vegetable gardening tips that you will learn now, you will have a fruitful garden in no time.

Plan In Advance

To grow vegetables of top quality, there are a few things that you need to consider rather than just getting a space to plant them. Sunlight, quality of soil, shades, temperature and the amount of rain throughout the year are some elements that you should consider when choosing a spot for you vegetable gardening activities.

  • An optimum spot for you to start of can be comprised of the following.
  • Minimum six hours of sunlight exposure
  • Fertile soil
  • Adequate water supply with proper drainage system

Of course, there are more things to be considered when you want to improve your skills but to get started, the above are enough for now.

What to Plant?

There are a wide arrays of vegetables out there for you to choose. Which one suits your garden the best? Most people grow vegetables in their garden because they would want to enjoy what they are growing. Thus, growing something that you enjoy to eat will be a good headstart and it will actually helps motivate you.

Apart from just vegetables, you can also consider growing herbs and flowers among or around your garden. This is because herb plants and flowers releases strong odors that chase away pests. Also, different plants release wastes that might be nutritional to other types of plant.

Schedule Your Activities

There are not many great vegetable gardens in the country and this is due to lack of care given on the garden. A lot of people just leave the vegetables to grow on their own and when the quality of vegetables that grow starts to plummet, they abandon their project.

Before starting out, you need allocate time to water your vegetables, keep pests from coming near to your garden and most importantly, to get rid of the weeds that creates competition for nutrients. One important thing to remember when doing all these is that you must contain yourself from using chemicals to fight pests and weeds. Do not forget that you and your family will be eating these after they fruited.

Photo credit: Local Food Initiative

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