Can You Grow Croton Plants Indoors?

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Croton Grow Indoors

Croton plants are known for their vibrant colors. There are many people who choose to grow these plants outdoors. However, you might also want to grow Croton plants indoors. Does growing them indoors affect their colors?

Basic Plant Information

Croton plants belong to the genus Codiaeum. It is important to note this, since this genus is different than the Croton genus. Both belong to the same family of plants but they are not the same even though they are often included in the same group.

Croton plants include many different varieties. The most common one is Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum. This one is native to the Pacific Islands and Malay Peninsula. These beautiful plants have been popular for decades. They are very popular in hot areas such as south Florida. These plants are ideal for tropical gardens and hot climate areas.

Croton plants are small shrubs that typically reach the height of 5 to 6 feet. They have leathery leaves that come in many different shapes, depending on the variety. The leaves start out green in color but they gradually change colors as the plant matures. There are many vibrant colors of Croton plants. The most common are red, pink, yellow, orange, rust and more. There are even some purple varieties.

Outdoor or Indoor Care?

Croton plants are famous for the intense colors they give. There are many different varieties to choose from and many different leaf shapes they produce. These gorgeous plants make a great addition to any garden, deck or a patio. It is not surprising that so many people choose to grow these beautiful plants outdoors.

However, what if you want to grow Croton plants inside of your home? Do they make good potted plants or are there problems? How does indoor care affect their colors? These are some important questions you need to ask if you wish to grow Crotons indoors.

Crotons are very famous as outdoor plants. Many people also use them for hedges. This is why it might be a bit confusing to grow them indoors. However, with a good care and plenty of light, you will be able to make your Croton plants thrive inside of your home.

These beautiful and colorful plants were often considered unsuitable for indoor care. During the 1970s, most of the varieties of Croton plants would experience drastic leaf drop when moved indoors. This is why many people fear that it is not possible to grow these plants inside as potted plants.

Indoors, Croton plants were typically used as arrangements. They were common as decorations in hotels and other luxurious spaces. However, it was not really possible to grow them in containers indoors.

Luckily, things are changing. In the past 20 years or so, new varieties have been introduced that can thrive even indoors. This is a good news for those who want to grow Croton plants inside of their homes or those who don't live in hot enough areas to grow these plants outdoors. These new varieties have been first developed in Europe and then introduced in the US. These new varieties proved to be strong enough to grow even under lower light levels that are typically present indoors.

The most popular of these varieties are Croton Norma, Croton Petra and Croton Mammy. If you wish to grow Crotons indoors, make sure to choose one of these varieties or another variety that is known to be suitable for indoor care.

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