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Hanging Herbs

Those who like to grow herbs know how tricky it can be to organize an herb garden. On one hand, herbs can be easily grown almost anywhere, even on your kitchen window. On the other, it does take some organization skills to make a perfect little garden for all the herbs you wish to grow.

What happens if you really like herbs and wish to grow many of them? Perhaps you truly enjoy fresh herbs and wish to use them in your kitchen. Is there a way to organize your little herb garden properly?

A hanging herb garden may be the answer. This is a very efficient way to organize a small garden almost anywhere. The best of all: it can also be used to grow other types of plants, such as vegetables. Yes, you can actually grow veggies such as cabbage, cherry tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb or granadilla using these handy hanging gardens.

This type of gardening saves you a lot of space so it's ideal for those with small gardens or patios. It can be easily mounted almost anywhere, such as next to your kitchen door. This way, you will always have tasty herbs or veggies whenever you need them for you cooking: you won't even need to get outside.

It's not so difficult to make a hanging herb garden. You can do it even if you are not particularly crafty, as long as you follow the instructions.

Materials and Tools:

Here are the basic materials and tools you will need to build your hanging herb garden:

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Scrap of wood
  • Some small screws
  • 2x Picture hooks
  • 2x Concrete nails
  • Batting
  • Hammer
  • Craft knife

Optionally, you may use a stencil, craft acrylic and paintbrush to decorate your garden.

For Planting:

  • Fresh herbs or veggies
  • Potting soil

Here's how to build your own hanging herb garden:

  • Cut a piece of board to the desired size. It will determine how big your hanging garden will be. It should be long enough to accommodate all of the herbs or veggies you wish to grow.
  • After this, attach two picture hangers to the top of the board at the back. These will be used to mount the garden frame onto the wall.
  • Take a craft knife and cut the top section of the bottles. Make sure to cut at a straight line.
  • Place the top sections of the bottles evenly along the length of the board. It should allow for growing height. Fasten the bottle tops onto the board using small screws.
  • Take a piece of bundled up batting and fill in the neck of the bottle. This is needed to prevent the soil from falling out of the bottle.
  • Place a small amount of potting soil into the container. The rest will be added with the potted herb.
  • Carefully plant the herbs into the containers. Fill up with soil. Make sure to leave at least half of an inch (about 1cm) gap between the soil and the top of the container.
  • Hang your new herb garden in a sunny spot. It's best to do it just outside your kitchen door. Measure where you wish to be placed and hammer in two concrete nails.

Photo credit: Rob Bertholf

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