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Strawberries Hanging Basket

Strawberries are among the most popular fruits to grow. Many gardeners enjoy to have fresh, homegrown strawberries for their family. While strawberries are not too difficult to grow, there are some problems associated with these plants, namely the pests (mostly slugs). This often opens a question of the best way to grow strawberries.

Unlike many other plants, strawberries can be grown in many different ways. Often, the choice depends on your unique circumstances, such as your climate, garden space or other factors. There is no one good or bad way to grow strawberries. However, certain methods offer more advantages than the others.

Usually, strawberries are grown on the ground in specially made beds. This is not a bad method, but it opens the problem of slugs. Slugs like strawberries so they pose a constant problem in your garden. There are also some other pests attracted to strawberries.

For this reason, an alternative growing method is a good way to get rid of slugs: baskets. It may surprising or unusual to grow strawberries in baskets, but it's actually easy and it offers numerous advantages. Plus, it's a great thing when you don't have to bend over to harvest them. Also, growing strawberries in baskets eliminates the slug problem.

If you want to grow strawberries in baskets, here is a quick tutorial on how to do it with the best possible results.

Growing Strawberries in Baskets

To grow strawberries in baskets, you don't need a special preparation. All you need to provide some nice baskets with plastic liners. To grow strawberries in baskets, follow these instructions:

1. Prepare the basket.

Choose a nice, spacious basket. Place it in a pot to keep it stable while planting. Make sure that a basket comes with a plastic liner. If it doesn't have a liner, make sure ot line it with durable plastic. This will help retaining compost and moisture. Before planting, make sure to cut drainage holes in the liner. This will prevent compost to become waterlogged. It's also useful to add some multi-purpose compost to the base of the basket. You may also mix in some water-retaining crystals if you want.

2. Plant strawberries.

The next step is to carefully plant one strawberry plant just below the rim of the basket. It's best to arrange the plants so that the top of the roots balls are about one inch below the rim. After you have planted all the strawberries in their baskets, water them.

3. Fill with compost.

Carefully, fill the basket with some compost. Make sure to firm it as you go. Make sure that the basket is not filled to the rim. You need to leave some space for watering. Also, it's important to make sure that the strawberries are not planted deeper than they were in their original pots.

4. Hang the basket and water regularly.

Make sure to soak the basket with water. Allow the water to drain before you hang the basket. To hang your baskets, choose a sturdy and well-secured hook or bracket. It's important to water your strawberries daily. It's also useful to apply some liquid tomato fertilizer every two weeks once the fruits appear.

Photo credit: Courtney McGough

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