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Raised bed gardens are popular method of gardening. However, keep in mind that a typical image of beds with wooden sides is not the only way to build a raised bed garden. Raised beds can be much more than that. In fact, you can use them for landscaping and make your garden very pretty while growing your plants to a great success.

Improving Your Raised Bed Garden

There are many ways to improve your raised bed garden. If you want something more than a basic raised bed garden layout, there are many ways tips you can use to improve it.

While basic raised beds are useful for growing your plants, you don't have to stop there. Raised bed gardens can be both effective and aesthetically pleasing. By improving a few things about your raised beds you can make effective landscaping and make your garden truly beautiful.

Try these effective tips for improving your raised bed garden:

Change the Material

The first thing you can do is to change the material of your raised bed garden. Traditional raised beds are made from wood, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, you may try to use something different. Try making your raised beds using stone, brick, concrete or even corrugated metal. This is a simple, inexpensive method to completely change the looks of your garden.

This method combines the aesthetics with functionality. It is a great way to grow your plants successfully while having a beautifully designed garden.

Change the Design

Another thing you can do is to change the design of your raised beds. Instead of typical square and rectangle designs, try different shapes. If you are crafty, you may make your raised beds in many creative shapes. Try making a round, tiered bed. It is beautiful and it offers an advantage: it provides an easy access to your plants.

If you prefer to go with something simpler, you can raise your beds and make them resemble tables with legs and a bottom. This will greatly improve the looks of your garden.

Another good way to go is to make borders of the beds wide enough to make a nice place for sitting while working. It is also very useful, especially for those who need to rest while working in the garden.

Plant Colorful Plants in Patterns

To make your raised beds aesthetically pleasing, try planting colorful plants in interesting patterns. You may use flowering plants, or you may go with vegetables. For example, green and red lettuces would look truly impressive. Plant them in a colorful pattern to improve the look of your garden.

Another thing you can do is to plant herbs along the outer borders of the bed. It provides a handy way to grow herbs and it improves the aesthetics of your garden.

You may also consider building multiple beds and connecting them with arbors. You can use these arbors to grow beans.

Water in a Smart Way

Another way to improve your garden is to install an irrigation system. While there's nothing wrong about watering by hand, irrigation system offers numerous advantages to your plants. This method of watering is also effective and water-saving. The most common irrigation options are soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems.

Soaker hoses are made to provide the water to the soil and keep it moist while preventing the water to reach foliage. It's best to snake them 18 to 20 inches apart throughout the bed. Drip irrigation works by slowly releasing water to the soil through a special device called an emitter. It's places on the base of each plant. This form of irrigation is made to deliver just the right amount of water where plants need it the most.

While these systems and hoses are not aesthetically pleasing on their own, they will improve the looks of your garden because they will make your plants grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful.

Try New Plants

Instead growing the same plants over and over again, try something new each year. Some plants do well when grown in raised beds and they can be used to mix things a bit and to achieve a different look for your garden.

Some good plants to try are artichokes, eggplants and sweet potatoes. They are tasty and will provide a unique look to your raised beds.

To grow artichokes and eggplants properly, make sure to place row covers on the raised beds. These cover will keep away pests such as aphids or flea beetles. This is an effective way to make growing these vegetables easier.

Sweet potatoes were originally grown as tropical plants. They are rich in color and look really beautiful in the garden. Keep in mind that they thrive in hot weather. They are ideal candidates for raised beds, because the spil warms up quickly in the bed and stays warm for a long time.

Try some of these plants to make your raised beds look beautiful and to have some new, tasty plants in your kitchen.

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