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Date Palm

Date palms are beautiful and many people decide to grow them in their gardens. While these are not the most popular trees you can grow, Date palms definitely have some advantages and uses. It is therefore not surprising that there are many people who decide to grow date palms in their gardens or even homes.

Date Palms: Flowers and Fruits

Date palms have small, white flowers with a very specific fragrance. The flowers tend to be clustered in axillary spadices. These are not the most beautiful or the most representative tree flowers but they do provide some fragrance and can make a Date palm look more beautiful.

The fruits are unusual and very striking. They have a finger-like shape. It is because of this fruit shape that the name Dactylofera appeared in the first place. "Daktulos" is a Greek word for fingers, which refers to the shape of Date palm fruit.

Date palms belong to the genus Phoenix. This s a beautiful plat that will best thrive outdoors. This is why it is usually grown in the gardens. However, it is also possible to grow a Date palm as an ornamental plant inside of your home.

It is important to note that Date palms look beautiful but they actually have many uses. From fruits to trunks, many parts of these plants can prove to be very useful. This is why there are so many people who choose to grow Date palms.

Here are the top 5 reasons to grow Date palms:

1. Food

One of the main uses for Date palms are its fruits. The fruit is often used as food, mainly as an exotic fruit. It can be eaten raw, or as part of various salads or sweets.

2. Cosmetics

Date palms have a use in the cosmetic industry. Date palm oil is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products as well as soaps.

3. Medical Use

It is believed that Date palms contain tannin, which has plenty uses in medicine. Various parts of the plant can be used to get tannin.

4. Animal Food

Another use for Date palm seeds is to turn them into animal food. While not all animals can eat this food, it does provide a good source of food for many animal species.

5. Other Uses

Many people simply like the look of Date palms so they choose to grow them for this reason alone. Others like the fragrance of the flowers or the unusual shape of the fruits. Finally, there are some very specific uses for Date palms all around the world. For example, Date palm leaves are used for religious purposes in Italy.

Photo credit: Torquay Palms

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